09 August 2016

The Path Is First Revealed In The Heart

If only the individual can look at new information without fear of losing their current position.

When a religion, or political party, or family member prevents you from looking at something that may not agree with your / their current ideology, is this caution always warranted?

It is sad the Protestant is suspicious of the Catholic, the Sunni the Shia, the Atheist the Deist, the Republican the Democrat, the black man the white man, etc., and vice versa.

What I've discovered, when looking past my preconceived identity when looking at other ideas, is not only the similarities, but the differences that also teach great lessons.

I say preconceived, because almost every idea we hold in our minds was mentioned and formulated by someone else prior to reaching your ears.

And since we accept our current position as 'true' and 'correct', we usually never question our position, but always the position of others.

Default opposition.... pride... arrogance.

The Muslim is taught to ignore and avoid reading the Bible, hearing repeatedly that their Quran holds all the answers and is without fault, continuously hearing the polemic that the Bible has been altered, changed and corrupted.

Yet scholars of antiquity are still waiting to be presented with such evidence.

A suspicious opinion overshadows reality, facts and scholarship.

The same attitude is taught to the Protestant regarding the Catholic, and so on with practically every group or identity that stands across from another.

Usually fallacies are used to discredit an 'opposing' party / group.

I write 'opposing', but another group / party isn't really an opposition unless you believe them to be.

But what do we truly have?

Human beings.

The human being of any time, generation and geographic location grows up believing what they are taught, what they see in society, along with the prejudices and information they are taught (whether factual or fictional).

We simply have human beings divided by thoughts and ideas accumulated in their minds, guiding their hearts to further press the idea of separation, difference and opposition.... or further building upon unity, peace and love.

Do you (and / or your group) gather or scatter?

Do you (and / or your group) justify hate towards another human being (or their ideas) while puffing your chest out in thinking you know or are part of 'the truth'?

If you have ever viewed an animal video of two distinct specie of animal getting along like friends, like part of the same specie, you would then realize they most likely were raised to be at peace with one another.

This has also occurred in some modern societies with people of different backgrounds.

This effort is being realized Today in places that have a plethora of ideologies, religious notions, political affiliations and opposite views regarding any given subject... because people make the effort to get alone despite their perceived differences.

What they hold true in their hearts doesn't have to outwardly destroy a perceived enemy, unless the person holding truth in their hearts thinks they must hate in place of love their enemy.

Loving your enemy is building a bridge between your differences in striking a friendship.

You can disagree with what someone believes in or does in practice, while still working on a friendship in understanding one another.

Yet, if your ideology forbids you to be kind to another human being, then how much light and love is in that ideology you identity with?

In some societies, being 'different' or having a different point of view is cause for concern... and religion or political aims are justified in exterminating thoughts and ideas that are not popular... going so far as to exterminate people as well.

Do popular notions equal truth?

Do popular ideas establish truth?

Truth being relative, one's understanding of what is true or not is dependent on that person's reflection in the mirror.

Their heart may be resonating what is true, or may reflect the obviousness of depravity, dissolution, and imitation of banality.

Have you ever witnessed someone in denial?

Have you ever been in denial?

People can acknowledge truth in their heart, despite their verbal denial and mental capacity wrestling away the challenge of allowing truth to change them from the inside out.

This is why love covers over all grievances that people may complain about.

Love beckons the truth to first revolutionize the heart, then the mind, and then the activities which are perceivable by others (exterior actions).

Be sure not to place your hope on religious devotion to achieve love, nor political affiliation to achieve justice, nor group association to achieve knowledge.

Many people boast in holding such high earthly offices, but are quite empty of love... and thus are also empty of the light from Above.

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