29 September 2016

Not All Taxes Are Justifiable, But Simple Thievery

Mankind has been gifted all that is necessary for them to survive.

Creation itself provides the sustenance and the means towards productivity and further sustenance.

With man's hand does man feed himself after the natural order has done its part.

To drink from the bountiful spring man must bend down to scoop up the water.

Man has their part in exerting the effort and energy to sustain themselves.

In our earliest years, we had someone feed us, wipe us clean and dress us.

As time passed, we learned how to do these seemingly mundane efforts ourselves.

For some of us, we may return to a state of being fed, wiped and dressed prior to final check-out from the natural world.

In the mean time, we find ourselves doing our best as we navigate through our personal challenges, and the challenges imposed on us by those who would have us believe we need them in order to achieve sustenance... or need them for every single thing, possibly mundane, in life.

All of humanity does need each other, for it is within others that much of the world's understanding is realized, but 'how' this need is defined must be clarified.

There comes a time, if / when a person is able, that the individual must feed themselves.

There also comes a time when the parent / landlord / 'authority' / trustee needs to allow the child / tenant / subject / trustor to plow their own efforts.

It is by the people a government realizes its power, and efforts its responsibilities in the service of the people.

It is because of the existence of the people that a king realizes his position, for without a people there is no kingdom to rule, and thus no one to honor the king.

The reality of 'how' a government and a king enjoy their lofty positions should never be forgotten: supported by the day-to-day menial and comprehensive tasks of the many who sustain government / kingdom.

A government and king encourage, direct and manage people, but not solely for the government's / king's benefits, but for the people's benefit, ensuring a fair and productive relational dynamic.

When new technologies are realized, typically not discovered or realized by or from government or kings, but by and from the people further down the pecking order, and government or kings desire to also benefit from nature's bounty when no just cause can be argued, what would such efforts be called?

Stealing / thievery.

Here is a news article of a small government who unanimously passed a tax attached to solar panel users, using interesting terms and narrow justifications to receive revenue that would eventually dry up as people move from the archaic power grid to renewable and unlimited FREE energy.

When men have realized how to harness and utilize the sun's energy, and no government nor any earthly king can be thanked for creating the sun's energy, why do governments and earthly kings desire to also tax what God has blessed all mankind with?

No man created the earth, nor the waters, nor the sun's energetic rays of light... yet some men desire to legitimize their positions and their opinions by taking from others and calling it 'right' or 'just'.

Perhaps such men need to also bend down and make their effort in drinking from the natural springs, instead of having others make the effort and also have to give them to drink from their efforts.

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