15 September 2016

Remember to Remember

Isaiah 8: 3a

Emotions are tricky sometimes.

Our emotions can tell us many things about ourselves, providing great lessons.

Emotions can also make us doubt things we may know for and whole-heartedly believe.

An emotion unchecked can cause us harm, even taint a day's experience.

An escaping emotion can cause the recovering addict to fall back into a destructive habit.

A deceptive emotion can prompt a forbidden contact to someone from the past.

Are all emotions negative triggers?

Not at all.

Seeing or hearing something that inspires a good thought, or good deed, is obviously a good emotion.

Seeing kindness said or done to others can spur good words and deeds to be forwarded.

Reading a kind or thoughtful message can plant a seed of positive, loving and warm emotions that can pay dividends forever.

If we have a solid foundation distinguishing what is right from what is wrong, we can reflect the emotion against this foundation.

Yet even the best list of 'do's' and 'do not's' do not always clear a mind engulfed in an emotional storm.

The list is clear, the law is perfect, and the message is true, but a murky emotion sparks the struggle.

It is the heart and mind that becomes murky due to a flood of emotion.

So when an acquaintance, friend, colleague or someone you've been reaching out to in love and kindness begins to withdrawal their heart from yours, be careful not to allow your sentiments cause you undue sorrow.

Not all human beings have open hearts ready to commune; to share their innermost pains, desires, hopes and fears.

Although all others may shy away from allowing the light to shine bright from their hearts, their reluctance is no excuse for the faithful to hold back, diminish, shrink back and become hardened.

The human being was made to interact with other human beings.

This was the second observation from Above in regards to mankind, the first being that had been created was 'very good'.

Although mankind has all of creation to interact with and enjoy; oceans, lands, animals, plants, etc., mankind finds depth in the obviously cognitive interaction with their fellow man.

I use the term 'obviously' regarding deep interactions because the human being is physical and can cognitively understand other human interactions most clearly, as a reflection of one's heart, soul and mind.

What is not always clear, and dependent on several factors, is the interaction and the depth, between man and God.

Yet this chasm of cognitive dissonance was bridged by Immanuel, who is proclaimed to be Yeshua the Christ.

The closest any human being will ever come to understanding, knowing, sensing, seeing and embracing the Almighty God, is in the Messiah.

Although a faithful man on a journey, who may at times feel alone and without partner or helper, and the feelings of loneliness may overwhelm... his mind and heart reminds him that he is not truly alone since God lives within him by His Holy Spirit.

His cognitive sense, dependent at times on the physical world and his personal experience, may be overwhelmingly challenged by the emotions of this world's coldness, its rejection and pessimism to love.

But what he has realized through private experience can never be forgotten.

For the individual who has spoken with God, not only 'to' God as most do in prayer, but in clear conversation with the Creator of heaven and earth, the Way the Truth and the Life, the same manner as we read past patriarchs, prophets, kings, priests and disciples have, all of the faithful can rest assure when emotions arise in them.

The faithful are reminded by the list, law and testimonies that their Father in heaven views them as very dear to Him, loved by Him.

The Father asks the faithful to be patient when afflicted by either emotion, doubt or disappointment.

The Father asks the faithful to remember they are not alone; for He is your Rock and Strength.

The Father reminds His faithful that they live in His heart.

Praise His Holy Name all you saints!

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