29 January 2017

Do You Like First The Chicken Or The Egg?

The false binary fallacy gets people confused all the time.

“Either this or that” type thinking disables growth in one's ability to understand.

It seems the manner people are taught about life from an early age may develop a binary view of the world.

If it's not “up”, then it must be “down”, if not “left” then “right”, or “good” and “bad”, right?

Not always.

When it comes to the idea of how life began - the perceived battle between creation and evolution - are there only two options to choose from?

Isn't it possible that BOTH creation and evolution is true, correct and evident?

Isn't this a possible third option, or way, of answering the question 'how did it all begin?' ?

For the believer, God put into motion all things by invoking His will...and that motion continues to evolve, grow and mature Today.

For the theorist, all matter came about by a changing of temperature and density that caused a singularity or Big Bang.

Either way, the product of both descriptions are correct.

Both options are two methods of seeing, describing and understanding something.

One states in simple terms who initiated, and the manner, all things came about.

The other explores further the manner in which things came about.

The two are actually explaining and describing the same thing, yet approaching the idea from different points of view.

I'd like to go further complimenting God's creation and evolution.

God's relationship with mankind has evolved from the very beginning.

There was an initial “do not” in the Garden of Eden.

Generations later, more rules were introduced.

Eventually, the relationship evolved to over 600 explicit rules, restrictions and directives in the law of Moses.

These rules helped develop a sense of conscience and assisted in defining what is harmful from what is helpful.

This process built a consciousness in the obedient people that passed on certain cultural traits to their descendants.

From generation to generation, these rules developed a society that was very unique and distinct from all others.

The evolution of culture, of a people with an ideal of law and order, would eventually transcend the following of rules to produce a heart set on obedience.

The relationship evolved further.

The aim of creation, of working through mankind and establishing law, was accomplished!

Man was raised up, over time and times, from the fall from a state of oneness with God and creation.

The fall caused division in mind and deception in heart due to disobedience, having to experience the consequences of disobedience.

When Perfection was revealed and realized, the law entered the hearts of those who realized Perfection...and perfected for them what they were unable to do perfect themselves.

The long list of “do not do's” were streamlined to “do unto others as you would have them do unto you” and “love your neighbor as yourself” and a few other all-encompassing and summarizing ideals.

The external efforts of religion were internally realized, putting to rest forever the external effort to appease an internal emptiness.

The relationship Christ established with God (in bringing men closer to God by His body) is yet another leap in the evolution of mankind realizing their divine nature despite their flesh.

To be righteous WITHOUT being religious; not by performing many rituals, wearing certain things, or anything exterior, is what Christ exemplified and His first disciples reflected.

The evolution of man has continued since Christ walked the earth in the flesh.

Now He walks the earth via the deposit of Spirit He gifts those who believe in Him.

The evolution of mankind has witnessed the leap from religion to relation, from religion to righteousness, from religion to kingdom awareness.

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