28 January 2017

First 24 Hours On Maui

This is a continuation from this post.

Everything on the island is more expensive than mainland prices...except love and peace, these are still also free here and freely given / expressed.

Uber is uber expensive, most likely due to local restrictions and limited supply (Uber drivers).

I split a cab from the airport with a young man named Ben from New York...upon arrival to a private residential area in a very plush rural neighborhood, Ben's dad pays his entire portion and leaves the taxi driver a tip.

During the long ride from the airport, the taxi driver is quite expressive after I shared the primary reason I am visiting the island.

Arriving at the hotel I am very hungry and finding the only hotel restaurant that is still open, I sit at the bar and order some food.

The bartender's name is Michael; she is named after her dad and goes by “Mikey”.

I am watching professional tennis from Melbourne on a screen above the bar and I begin to tell Mikey about PickleBall (a sport like junior tennis).

The club sandwich arrives and it was tasty, but half the size I'm used to back home.

The next morning I notice a few birds have arrived on the balcony railing expecting something to eat.

Neighbor hotel guests are feeding some of them while I take pictures of the different birds; doves, cardinals, laysan finches, sparrows and common myna.

After breakfast, I meet my sister and brother-in-law at their hotel and we get in a taxi to the cemetery.

We saw a sugar cane mill from early last century abandoned to the past.

Had a very cordial and inclusive conversation with the taxi driver over several topics on the hour-long trip from one side of the island to the other.

The rain preceded the priest's arrival at Valley Isle Memorial Park and left along with his departure; bringing along the blessing from Above at just the right time.

The cemetery foreman was kind, cordial and spoke with us; he and the other three employees didn't seem to be in a hurry.

The three of us arrived back to their hotel and had a Hawaiian-type lunch beside the pool.

After a break and a walk along the Ka-anapali Beachwalk, we met up again for a nice dinner with an amazing sunset view at the Plantation House.

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