20 January 2017

El Chapo Meets Donald Trump

Luke 16: 19-31

Here is a tale of two billionaires.

One still enjoys his fortune, the other's fortune has been lost.

The eternal abode of both souls cannot be guessed at by human opinion, although many people give their judgmental opinions about each.

Both are now receiving government perks, but in very different ways.

This is not an article to vilify one man while honoring another (either direction).

This is an article to highlight what is one day called 'legal' or lawful can another day be found to be illegal or unlawful.

One man is accused of inciting violence against his competitors, the other man is also accused of inciting violence against his competitors.

Men write human laws and laws can change according to many factors, one being public sentiment (how people feel about something).

What you agree to be right and true may be considered wrong and false by another person.

Perhaps we can look at people and things firstly by definition and secondly according to what is relatively true or false.

One man's truth is another man's fiction, yet man's law attempt to clarify what is right and wrong every day...with the opinion sliding consistently.

This week in Amerikan culture and news, the U.S. government inducts an individual as its new president; arguably the highest public seat and strongest office on earth.

Also in Amerikan culture and news, another individual is also inducted into a position of sorts; a drug cartel boss extradited to a U.S. prison receives a prisoner's number.

The methods that both men amassed their billionaire fortunes have been questioned.

One of the commodities the drug lord traded in (cannabis / marijuana) is continuing its road to legal status in almost every state of the U.S. union.

The business allowances (ability to file bankruptcy, leverage taxable income, etc.) by one of the individuals has been highly criticized, yet these allowances are 'legal' according to U.S. law.

Historically, the ways mankind conducts 'business' have changed.

One day in a certain place, the idea of capitalism went from being legal and allowed to illegal and outlawed.

Another day in another place, the idea of communism went from being legal and allowed to illegal and outlawed.

These changes are witnessed when ideological sides trade places.

We can see a natural plant being outlawed in one century, and being legalized in another.

We can read about greed through market consolidation being dealt with by government means, and that same greed being somehow allowed by the same government in another era.

What is labeled a monopoly at one time, can be labeled another term some time later.

The same set of laws that allowed both men to become wealthy are also questioned as their effectiveness in restricting the challenges our collective consciousness struggles with: greed, power, morals and ethics.

In certain countries, all forms of drugs (and use) have been decriminalized...yet there still exists the business of meeting supply to the demand.

In some countries, private property is not a right legislated by a government body, but something only enjoyed if one has the strength to keep it.

Here is a list, according to a defined scale, of property rights and supported government legislation of property.

One thing that can always be counted on my man's opinions, their laws and their governments is change.

Change is a constant in nature, so why would change not be present with mankind's endeavor and attitude?

The key is how any individual adapts to change.

The business model of today's prisoner is becoming a vehicle of wealth creation for others according to new laws.

The morality and specific use of money, drugs, legislation and the rest of it, is according to an individual's perception and idea of what is right vs what is wrong.

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