18 January 2017

Picking Up The Clues

Ezekiel 34: 17-19

Observation is how science deciphers and attempts to understand the world; all that is in it and outside of it.

Through observation, the human can silently contemplate.

And although we may interpret the world through an anthropomorphic manner (seeing all things relating to and through a humanistic perception), doing so can be a first step to finding out deeper meanings...even in what may seem mundane.

In my opinion, physically speaking there is nothing more important on the planet than the human being.

I say this not to put human endeavors before the rest of creation.

Man has a great responsibility being the steward, manager and keeper of the planet, its resources and the abundance of life.

By observation of the world we can contemplate the life within us when reflecting ourselves onto the world.

We can absorb the world onto our consciousness and learn silent lessons.

On my way to one of my working and social locations today (a local coffee shop I both work and chat with friends), an interesting discovery was found on my path; a severed pigeon's foot on the sidewalk in front of a neighbor's house.

There is a sizable community of cats in the neighborhood, several having arrived with their human servants.

I wonder if it was the cat residing at this particular house that made a meal out a pigeon.

Maybe it was one of the three who hang out on the neighboring porch.

One of those three is a recent squatter from another home.

He's a tramp.

He muscled his way onto that porch that was previously occupied by two neutered male cats.

I chat with the homeowner on occasion and she's done all she could short of physically running off the newcomer.

She says she can tell the squatter isn't neutered.

In current street vernacular: he is making punks of the other two cats.

She leaves out a food dish for her two cats in the morning, and that new cat intimidates the neutered cats and has his fill.

I see him at other homes, making his way from house to house as if he is the top cat on the block.

Maybe he is.

You are what you think you are, correct?

Yes and no...

The consciousness of humanity tells them they truly are the stewards, managers and keepers of the earth around them.

The earth feeds us, sustains us and keeps us.

Man understands enough not to soil where he eats, and that his waste returns to him if that waste is not recycled and 'cleaned' in a proper way.

The salty oceans have a filtration system, along with the evaporation of water condensing and falling as waters the world over.

Man has observed and learned from his observation of the world around him.

Man is the earth's top cat.

And man learns the hard way when his tramping upon the earth realizes a harsh natural response.

It is better to receive corrective response from other humans.

Man, like that tramping cat, knows to move onto other places to derive food...or figure out new ways to derive an income to feed oneself.

A meal out of a pigeon has its time and place for a tramping cat.

A singular diet of pigeons for all cats would render pigeons extinct, and nutritional limits for cats.

I don't think the cats nor the pigeons know this, but we can understand this simply from prior observations and learning from those who preceded us.

Does the human know their role?

Does the human think their singular diet of ________ (fill in the blank of an obsessive ambition) is sustainable?

The earth is a wonderful place, full of wonderment and with many lessons to learn.

Let us learn what nature is telling us about ourselves, our efforts...and let us learn to do our part and know our place.

After all, you don't put on the same soiled pants day after day...and having the same pigeon meal can get old and unhealthy after a while.

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