08 April 2017

Approaching Romans Chapter 1 Verses 26-27

This article speaks to nature and natural order as observed by human beings.

This article does not equate animals to humans, nor humans to animals, but uses animals as examples to explore the natural order in both humans and animals, while pointing out some unnatural tendencies of human beings.

This article is speaking of a very controversial subject that is highly emotional, political and confusing for many people, although the controversial aspects of the topic are not seen as such controversial by some, but as something else.

This article should be read in its entirety, and read again. . . .

How do you convince the house cat who thinks its a lion...that its really a house cat?

Since the two are very much alike, would it be more bothersome for the cat than for the messenger to mention it?

Would it be okay to let the cat think its more ferocious than it really is knowing it will stay indoors all its life?

Maybe if the cat could reason as the human, perhaps it would be wise and cautionary for such a discussion to happen just in case the cat would ever venture beyond the safety of the house.

The cat and lion are very similar, with similar traits and habits; size being one difference despite the many likenesses.

Consider the male and female felines, both cats and lions.

The lion (male) and the (lioness) female are very similar while having unique roles and features.

Much the same way in humans, the man and woman share many common traits and habits, yet have unique differences despite the many similarities.

I am not sure if the lion and lioness ever traded roles since their inception, with some lions becoming or acting like lionesses and vice versa.

Somehow humans are determining or identifying a variety of roles and relations beyond the male / female constant...and I think the lines of rationale continue to be blurred.

Humans can learn a lot from the animals.

Animals can remind us of our basic nature.

Nature shows us that procreation among humans occurs only between a man and a woman...but some have gone in search of other methods to reflect and resemble the natural order they saw growing up or as realized throughout history, and view their external efforts as conforming to the natural order.

Some men perceive themselves as something else or in a different role, as do some women...and the family unit is taking on a new manner.

How society will adjust, or be adjusted by such things, will soon be realized.

Looking at animals again, let us consider two creatures that are very distinct?

How do you convince the mouse who thinks its an elephant...that its really a mouse?

Since the mouse has many natural predators, as opposed to the elephant that has very few, a long conversation may be needed to help the mouse come to terms with its reality; its image, role, nature and perception of itself.

If animals could talk, what would they say about themselves and about the world around them?

What would the animals have to say about human beings?

Some domestic animals, especially those pets who are treated similarly or seemingly better than some human beings, may have mostly praise and wonderful things to say about their owners and whomever pays proper attention to them.

Would the animals be confused when observing some human behavior if they were able to rationalize as some humans can?

Would the lion understand why some men are attracted to men and not women?

Has the lion been limited by its simple mind (as compared to a humans complexity and capacity for understanding) in exploring other possible gender varieties among the tribe of lions?

Has nature evolved as some suppose, or has environment (society, cultural norms and direct human interference) nurtured a variance from the natural order?

Consider these 12 intermingled species through adoption.

Read the circumstances, the human understanding and involvement to how those 12 varieties came together.

Most of the animal examples are by the guidance and influence of people, which harkens to the reality that man has dominated all animals the world over in one way or another...even taming the most wild and dangerous of animals...and also speaks to an environment producing such a result highlighted at that web page.

Not all men have dominated their inner struggles, fears, insecurities and the pain that others have done to them...but instead have been dominated by them.

The manner a cat, or a lion, pounces on its prey is not a matter of decision, but of its nature.

The lion usually does not reason away its desire to devour a meal, nor would it typically ignore an empty stomach in order to make a friend out of a potential meal.

Mankind is unique in its position in the world, although humans resemble most animals in many ways.

Like many animals, people have two eyes, two ears, two hands and feet, etc..

But the human has reason, a rational mind and so much more.

Although man has a nature that causes him to find a meal when hungry, man has a mind that allows him to decide what particular diet he will consume (depending, of course on the options).

Depending on an individual's perception and understanding of themselves and the world around them, some individuals can accomplish very amazing things and seem invincible...while other individuals have a very small view of themselves and seem susceptible to others.

Upbringing, socializing and abuse among other factors are still being researched.

Some of us may have been close to either (or both) extremes and somewhere in between, or perhaps we've perceived ourselves on such a landscape, or at least observed others.

Much how an animal can be weened and grafted into a usual group, despite that animal's training and imitation of other animals, that animal never ceases being what it actually is.

I think the same can be said about a human being regarding their sex, gender and role.

What, then, can be said about the man who thinks he is a woman, or claims to be a woman locked inside the body of a man?

What can be said about the man who lays down with another man and says this is the same as how a man lays down with a woman?

Studies show that there is more going on that previously regarded; possibly childhood socializing, or abuse, trauma, and other factors.

Science describes how the vagina, not the anus, complements the penis.

Can such an obvious reality be resolved when confused?

Perhaps not for certain individuals who perceive their choices supersede their nature, or their nature allows for their choices to be correct and not to be questioned, but accepted as 'normal' and 'acceptable'.

Perhaps also not for certain cats and certain mice, if cats and mice perceived themselves as something else.

But with human interaction and influence, perhaps we can understand why a mouse may think it is an elephant...and why, applying the same logic, a man may think he is more of a woman instead of a man, or feels like playing the role that a woman would naturally play.

We are called to invite into loving arms those who suspect themselves to be such as these.

One wouldn't dismiss their pet cat for their lion-like ambitions, right?

Neither should one dismiss their fellow human being who perceives themselves outside what is the natural order or what is indifferent to their views.

Wouldn't we, if we were the ones with such perceptions, like to have people accept our humanity and treat us kindly and loving despite their reservations with our self perceptions?

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