13 April 2017

Each Man's Mind Is A Universe

Psalm 107: 10-16

Each man's mind is a universe.

I searched for this phrase thinking it to be someone's previous quote, but didn't find it anywhere.

I'm sure I may have heard it somewhere before, or a version of it, but if not...you read it here first ;)

I think the phrase speaks to many things.

Most importantly, I think, it speaks to any individual's view of the world, themselves, the meanings of things and so forth, they hold dear to their heart and perceive as true.

Yet one man's truth, when compared to another man's truth, can differ quite drastically, even when the same words are used to describe their perceived truths.

At least this is the case in a free society, but I think it also exists in society's where your opinion is not openly accepted (or expected to never be expressed), yet even in such places the mind and heart are apt to ponder ideas beyond the formulas and methods of others.

In philosophical circles, ideas build upon and tangent away from previous ideas.

A new idea, or fresh and unique perspective on life, is a rarity because some people believe all ideas (and their counterparts) have already been expressed.

Is this the case?

Where is the actual Way?

At least in philosophical circles, the effort to find new ideas is encouraged and welcomed, and there is a base of logic that men can refer back to when considering 'new' ideas.

Not so much in certain religious circles.

Perhaps in clerical circles, discussions can be expressed and shared between men who have done their fair amount of searching, study and semantics.

But among the laity, there is quite a fog of misconception that is a byproduct of inferior identity and external features; only by repeating the manner one explains their belief can an accord be welcomed.

Same could be said about political circles, where two mainstream views of life have been deduced: capital and labor.

For the religious, and especially in places where plurality of concept is a death sentence, repeating the already formulated ideas is how one stays safe and in good standing...yet the inner soul can still communicate its yearnings and desires to the ears of Whom they reach.

This is found in almost all religious organizations the world over, regardless of name.

The attempt to 'change someone's mind', when they have already resolved to believe, accept and repeat any particular decree, dogma or doctrine they perceive to be true, can be an effort in futility.

Since we are speaking of people, every so often an individual is found to be searching; to continue searching for more depth even after finding, is a part of Life.

It isn't so much having the aim to 'change someone's mind', but more so to encourage them to think, to be open to new information, to grow along with the manner all of life continues to grow (despite dying and receding elsewhere).

If it wasn't for variety in people, in their thoughts and eventual contradiction, how would we be able to identify what is 'different' or 'contradiction' and thus pursue the journey in finding what is Truth if we do no have evidence of what is false?

Learn from the differences in life and aim for unity through peace, even if those who oppose you are taught to never be at peace with your open heart, open mind and open-armed embrace. 

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