18 March 2016

Audible Gift

I was discussing musical tastes the other day with a friend.

It is so fascinating the way music touches and affects us.

Music can be a mood modifier.

Certain genres of music can motivate us, alter our emotions, remind us of a particular point in our past, inspire us... and so much more.

If lyrics are present, they can convey a particular message; sometimes allow us to explore new ideas, other times being dragged through the lyrical message.

When lyrics are absent, our imagination and immediate reality can creatively reflect the musical tones and emotion the music is rendering in us.

For those who play music, it can be an escape, an outlet of expression for a range of emotions.

As any of us who appreciate music, it can feed our hearts, minds and even souls.

The listening ear can appreciate what a great song can compel in us.

As with any thing made by man's hands, music can also instigate negative and dark responses in us.

For example, political overtones, if not in a proper context, can foster rebelliousness and violence.

Yet, the truly talented can clearly identify political issues while still pointing to hope and a peaceful resolve.

This too is a talent that an audible experience can have us applauding the artist.

With the onset of television and, specifically music videos, the music experience has been forever altered.

A single interpretation, usually by the director of the video, can forever visually stamp a song for us.

If you have ever heard a song prior to seeing a video interpretation of that song, you know what I am talking about.

Once seeing the video, it is difficult to forget that visual and audio collision.

Much how when a song is heard during a sad time in our lives, that song may forever recall those feelings and that time's mindset, even detailed events.

Same goes for a joyful time in our lives.

May you always enjoy the gift music was meant to be; to inspire, to praise what is good and to allow us to search our hearts through the expression of another person.

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