06 March 2016

I Am You Are Me

We all are some 'thing'.... each of us are either a man, or a woman; a brother or sister.

Let's think about this for a second.

Who taught you that you were 'white' or 'black' or '_________' (your current national, ethnic, religious identity)?

Who taught you that you are somehow different from anyone else (aside from how a man is anatomically different than a woman)?

When we were kids, we were the same.

We'd cry if hurt and would be happy when we played with someone else and were having fun.

When hungry we'd complain or cry, and if we were tired, we'd get cranky.

How were any one of us taught to hate or be suspicious of another human being?

People are taught to hate others.

Love is also taught.

Either of these extremes are direct results of parents feeding children prejudices through flippant remarks and foolish actions.

They are byproducts of society and culturally-themed derivatives.

Some parents learn too late that their words and actions are absorbed by their children, as a sponge absorbs a liquid.

We all have plenty of labels attached to us and we attach labels to others.

We repeat and forward poor and ignorant patterns.

But as adults, we can work on deciphering the ignorant from the wise patterns.

Do you desire to continue the current status quo and programming of labeling and being labeled?

Are you really something derived from a political definition, from a religious prejudice or an entity void of love?

I know you are not, and I hope you do not perceive yourself or others like this.

I have come to realize I am not, and was not made to be such.

Anyone reading this is one of the following to me: my sister or my brother.

However, you have the choice to not like me and consider me lower than yourself, or your enemy, or whatever else you've been taught.

You also have the choice, according to how you choose to see the world, whether to love others or have selective or limited love.

I suggest to make the effort to discover how in fact God has made you to be; a loving creation forwarding His good will to others.

I suggest to love fully He who made us all, and others as you would have them love you.

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