10 March 2016

Shining Like Stars

It is quite easy to get sidetracked with global affairs and regional politics.

Whether you live under a regime which resembles a democratic process ( “the will of the people” ) or rule by decree by a single or group of individuals, propaganda can be a constant program.

Yet, each and every one of us lives somewhere local, with the opportunity of choice.

We choose our thoughts.

We can choose how to react, interact and approach others during our daily life.

Our neighborhood, our street, our village, our city... is right there for us to affect.

The individual can effort a change for the better wherever they live, or be a cause of grief, or a neutral bystander.

The regular employee who chooses to visit their local city council and eventually becomes mayor, is a person who focused their attention on local affairs.

So also is the person who focused on looking after their neighborhood, starting with the street they reside on and their neighbors.

For some, their local attention is their home; the members of their family... and this is a great place to start and isn't a failure if this is the only place one's focus is placed.

We all have a role to play, but let us make the effort.

The love poured into the members of the family can also overflow into the street and onto to those who need love, those who may not have had a loving mentor or parent in the home.

The same consideration can also make great strides to neighbors... and onto council members, and beyond, even onto the international stage.

Remember, you and I and others are human beings.

Humans have feelings as well as hopes, fears, dreams and worries.

The manner in which we speak to and treat others is the key to garnering positive, neutral, indifferent or negative responses, and thus results.

We can all agree we'd like to be treated and spoken to in a kind manner.

This notion is almost too obvious to have to mention, yet we can see how we and others can easily forget at times.

Imagine if each person we knew, ourselves included, purposely made a kind effort to every person we interact with on a daily basis.

Imagine if we would also make that same kind effort with those whom we would usually ignore or avoid.

The small spark that love ignites can turn into a solar flare that will outlast the stars of the universe.

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