17 March 2016

The Ace Of An Emperor's Heart

An interesting word to learn: Idolatry


- worship of idols

- extreme admiration, love, or reverence for something or someone

From Old French “idolatrie,” based on Greek “eidōlolatreia,” from “eidōlon” (see idol) + “latreia” meaning ‘worship.’

Let's now look at: Idol


- an image or representation of a god used as an object of worship

- a person or thing that is greatly admired, loved, or revered

From Greek “eidōlon,” from “eidos” meaning ‘form, shape.’

Look at: Worship


- the feeling or expression of reverence and adoration for a deity


- show reverence and adoration for (a deity); honor with religious rites

From Old English “weorthscipe” ‘worthiness, acknowledgment of worth.’

There was a Jewish Man that walked the earth many centuries ago which broke away from the closed cultural model and showed the Way to love all mankind.

Some religious and irreligious people would argue that Yeshua / Jesus / Isa is or became an idol for people.

However, it is written very early on that “So God created mankind in His own image...”

So if God became a man in the body of Christ to salvage, reveal and prove His love for His creation, then He does have some sort of conceivable 'form' or 'image' that mankind can relate to and understand.

Have you noticed some forms of creation, people, being idolized, as if they are the perfect role model or perfect person?

A man a century ago instigated, manipulated and roused up a nation after a 'perfect' model of a human being... although he ironically and hypocritically did not resemble in any way this idea(l) he professed.

This little man formed ideas, ideals and pointed to, what he believed to be, a perfect system, a perfect people and sadly... he convinced quite a lot of people.

This manner of mass propaganda and mass manipulation is nothing new... it is today a social science.

It includes the same scapegoating of peoples.

This same pattern occurred in many ancient empires and times, and is still being repeated today.

From America's perspective, scapegoats of last century were the Japanese, the Germans, the Russians, Communism as an idea, immigrants from places previously colonized by western political governments... the list being continuous and long into this century... all who do not fit the idolized archetype and homogenous social profile.

How else can people be fooled into hating and going to war against others they do not know?

There are many people today, in America, who are following in the footsteps of that little man from Austria.

There is a little man today, in America, who is rising to stardom, to power, to influence and to intrigue, rousing the very hate, division and scapegoating witnessed a century ago.

But who can tell those who worship idols by default that, according to their society's sociological programming, they are following yet another little man trumpeting himself as an example / idol of what is right, good and great?

A little man who says everyone loves him and that he gets along with everyone else, but sadly contradicts himself with almost every other sentence spoken, while many do not comprehend the contradictions.

As for the persona or archetype, ancient history has many of these types of personalities.

And one the patterns these personalities repeated was their lack of love for others who did not resemble them or failed to comply with their value set and ideology.

These personality types can be adequately called psychopaths, narcissists, lovers of self, haters of others not of their ilk.

The blinding force of such big and charismatic personalities is their attraction to those who are already deluded by propaganda, hate and fear.

But for some of us, we can see through the facade and can identify their humanity, their frailty, the darkness which causes struggle, the very things we too can sense, but have realized not to forward onto others.

In a world where the love of money is a default mindset, automatic since almost all people must do something in order to earn money so they can pay for their existence, when people hold the pursuit of wealth at a high station, it is like a common language others can hear and speak.

When greed is another theme that is admired, legalized in legislation, and applauded as 'ambition,' is it any wonder people cannot see past their idols or idolatry?

Do you currently suffer from any form of idolatry?

May the Lord, the Living One who vanquished death, open your eyes, heart and mind to His love, His forgiveness and His compassion for your fellow brothers and sisters.

We are one, as He is One... if only all people can realize this... and live according to His love.

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