21 March 2016

Barking Or Roaring?

Do you have a title before or after your name?

If you do, what do the words or letters next to your name really mean?

What amount of meaning, value or identity do such things bring to your life experience?

What is interesting and unique about the human experience outside of the natural world is our perception of ourselves and other humans.

The natural world is accepted as it is observed, yet why are we not accepted as we see ourselves?

Is it because we see ourselves through faulty and unnatural prisms and paradigms.

If the lion's roar were to be removed from him, would he cease to be as ferocious or as strong as he is?

Perhaps... and perhaps you simply won't hear him approaching.

Yet, even in removing the lion's roar, the lion doesn't cease being the 'king of the jungle' / top predator.

What if the lion was to lose its mane?

Will it also lose its ability to snap the neck of its prey?

Would it cease being dominant over all other animals?

If not, why then do humans go after manes and roars of their own?

For some people, a title brings them prestige, honor, notoriety, praise and many other acknowledgements.

For some people, being found without a title of some sort may cause them much sorrow, as if losing a part of themselves or their entire self.

This is why it is important to look at the animal world.

We as humans can learn very many lessons from nature.

The animal world is very honest.

It is clear.

Which animal, not being a lion, goes about acting like a lion?

Many lessons from and for our human existence can be learned by simply looking at the animals.

But if only we were to look past the obvious, while accepting what is obvious about ourselves and leaving behind the 'made up' things.

It is in reflecting on our humanity and considering the animals, that we can learn how silly we the humans can be, and how much further we have to go in becoming what we've been created to be; one family under God.

Some people act quite ferocious, like the lion.

And like the lion's mane makes it stand out and look larger than it really is, and like the lion's roar strikes terror in those who can hear and feel that timbre from afar, many humans sadly take too much pride in things which are not as natural as the lion's mane and roar.

People take pride in the exterior things; money, looks, titles, material possessions, their own and the perceptions of others, and on and on.

If you are like a lion, you don't have to take pride in your mane nor your roar.

Like a lion, you already are that which you've been created to be.

Lions are also anchors for the pride ( family group of lion ), they have no reason to take pride in themselves or what they are, nor do they attempt to be something they are not.

The lion, like the human who humbly accepts their station in life, isn't worried about what the hyena or the jackal thinks of him.

But how silly it is for a hyena or jackal to act like a lion.

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