01 March 2016

Who Is Behind The Paper Bag Of Politics?

Imagine a world where the citizens / people of any given country have realized that their public servants are actually hired hands, disguised as public servants.

The current political wrangling in the United States is exposing this reality.

The “news” is following opinion and choosing sides regarding political parties.

This activity is NOT democratic, nor is it objective.

It is void of integrity.

It is an example of a “lackey”.

Imagine a group of people, disguised as a 'party' that is supposed to represent the will of the people... and that group planning on removing the popular person who is in fact representing the will of the people!

Regardless if you agree or disagree with what other people desire, it is very difficult to hear what the people desire for themselves.

This couldn't happen in America, right?

Couldn't happen in a country where people's freedoms and the people's voice is always heard and heeded, right?

Yet, this is happening.

The mainstream news is consistently supporting the established political group(s), ignoring or minimizing the criticism from those who don't have enough money to push their agenda or further their business interests.

The establishment is in the business of staying in business... this is how the tool of politics is handled.

“Change” is spoken of but rarely, if ever, implemented.

Promises are always made, yet when the (s)elected are in office, somehow the promises are forgotten or reasoned away with excuses as to why they didn't happen.

Will this year be any different?

Some people believe so; perhaps IF someone which is not part of the establishment is (s)elected.

Perhaps when a third party is formed, one that resembles less the established parties ( which has resembled one single party for quite some time, according to where the campaign money comes from ).

What is certain is that the political system, process and dialogue will never be the same after this year... at least among the public.

What is spoken of in the propaganda news media will most likely continue to repeat the droning, repeating and typical lies, repeating soundbites and slogans.

But the people's eyes have been opened.

The people have realized, once again, that they have been on their own.

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