21 April 2016

The Predictable Rabbit Hole

A friend recently gifted me several used movies on dvd.

We shared a conversation about movies a while back and I was surprised by his generosity.

All movies and media, as a whole, can be literally categorized as fiction.

Although a documentary film may reach to show cinéma vérité, the manner in which the work is edited, narrated and such, always lends a natural bias despite the effort to portray the truth.

Any individual will have their relative 'truth' to interpret and understand.

But in the world of art and man's creativity, a work of fiction can sometimes depict and describe a truthful reality outside of conventional descriptions.

After viewing two movies so far, I couldn't help but notice their mirrored narratives.

Here are just four similarities:

- mankind battling alien / extraterrestrial invasion

- set in the near-future

- mankind unified under a single authority / mutual cooperation while still having national identity

- spiritual / supernatural connection between beings, both alien and human

This post isn't about predicting anything, nor suggesting anything which really shouldn't make a difference of man's relationship with the Eternal God, nor challenge but resolve the question regarding physical life beyond earth.

I would like to highlight what may be quite clear to some readers while being helpful in understanding the further possibilities of our existence and the surprise of life in general.

Simply because something is unknown or not openly verifiable doesn't mean it isn't either possible or actual.

Plenty works of men in what is called 'entertainment' seem to have 'predicted' the future.

I don't see them as 'predictions', but more like possible conclusions, derived from the minds of people who, when looking at the past, can see a human pattern that is repeated.

Historians are notorious for having 'predicted' what is simply their observations of natural patterns... and the natural world ( men also being made from natural ingredients ) is replete with patterns; visible, invisible, unknown and misunderstood.

Time and time again mankind has been loosely unified, then divided, and this by more methods beyond religion, national identity, ideology and so on.

Mankind has also been challenged in understanding what is easily acceptable and understood by some, because the manner of understanding is itself limited by limited perceptions and beliefs contrived from popular opinions.

People have mental roadblocks.

Mental roadblocks occur when lies are portrayed as truth, when truth is diluted by lies, and misunderstanding and ignorance is cited as fact.

And when some people deny a world, reality and life beyond the physical realm, they miss what is clearly understood by those having accepted a world, reality and life beyond the physical realm.

Consider how Kirlian photography helps people understand what is not 'seen', much of science being derived from observation.

Perform an internet search for “phantom leaf” and look also into the scholar articles in search of scientific definitions of this phenomenon.

As for mankind having to defend itself from extraterrestrials with nefarious intentions:

If the phantom leaf shows the skeptic that something continues to exist when something visible was removed ( death with humans, for example )... then couldn't the nefarious intention be that which some of us battle within our human nature?... and that which some others are consumed by while denying even their own extraordinary composition?

So in speaking of facts being found in fictions...

...mankind is battling an 'alien' / foreign being of sorts...

...future developments do mirror past histories...

...mankind eventually unifies despite their outer apparent differences...

...discoveries of our connection to the natural, supernatural, each other and beyond are repeatedly discovered and then hidden away.

Perhaps the real 'alien' mankind will battle in the future won't be the typical close encounter of any kind, but the foreigner who was already present in the garden, that one who desires to weave lies into the fabric of truth.

Perhaps the cycle of life, times of harvest after times of planting, and times of renewal after times of destruction, will once again bring forth God's Eternal Mystery... as it is testified to repeatedly have done for ages past.

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