28 April 2016

Walking The Talk, Knowing Not The Gnosis

Have you ever met someone ( maybe that someone is you ) that knows very much about any given thing, topic or subject, yet their application of such knowledge falls short of them really 'knowing' it?

This person may know everything about, let's say sailing, but they cannot sail a boat too well... even after years of sailing!

The same could be said in the opposite direction.

Someone could know exactly 'how' to sail a boat, without fear of making a mistake and consistently providing for a safe journey, while knowing very little about technical terms and maritime vocabulary.

Some folks simply do not have the application despite the knowledge.

Similar to how a driver of a car, having driven for many years, may not have the same application to driving as another person who happens to have an innate skill when it comes to being behind the wheel.

The latter are what can become professional race car drivers, or are experts at avoiding accidents and getting out of difficult road conditions.

What is evident is that despite experience, skills are only developed so far for some people.

While for others, not even 'knowing' much of the subject matter, they can 'perform' as if they've had that experience their entire lives... seeming to have a gift / talent / an already highly developed skill.

Natural Talent this phenomenon is sometimes called.

So, do some people have a natural talent to things of the heart, the mind, and applications which have nothing to do with exterior actions, but with speaking with and talking to others?

We see this with politicians, preachers, pastors, salesmen, etc.

Some people can weave quite a tale, telling a tall story, and convince people of many things...

And with the much talking, there could be much learning behind the talk, but the two don't always meet honorably, or align properly.

Many teachers or preachers can talk a great talk, 'knowing' the theological mysteries, and can mention a solid doctrinal perspective... yet can still be void of love... and God is love.

A great orator isn't always an honest orator, perhaps focusing too much on the 'gnosis' and not as much on the applications.

A convincing politician isn't always a good shepherd, perhaps speaking the right words, but hardly doing what they say they would do.

Although practice may solidify a talent, a gift usually takes little practice.

A gift just is.

Sadly, the world if full of phony people... only applying an effort in a vocation to pay their bills and more.

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