05 April 2016

Sharing Papers From Panama

Who likes to pay taxes?

Instead of debating or attempting to answer this question, I'll mention the reasons why taxes have always been a part of life for the civilized world.

Without tax revenue, a society cannot function.

Taxes do not exist outside the realm of civilization as we understand them Today.

Outside the civilized realm, it is survival of the fittest and survival of the strongest... unless a tax / tribute is paid for either protection or acknowledgment power establishing a pecking order.

Taxes legitimize government ( whether that government is recognized or not ).

Not every tax is just, 'good' or beneficial.

Not paying certain taxes may result in loss of real property and chattel property.

Losing what you believed you owned for failing to pay certain taxes should clarify whether you truly owned those things to begin with.

What is interesting about the payment of taxes, is how some people are quite averse to paying any portion, let alone what government establishes as law regarding an amount or percentage to be paid.

This phrase was made famous a generation ago: "We don't pay taxes. Only the little people pay taxes".

When I was involved in real estate years ago, I remember learning the many “legal” methods of avoiding to pay taxes, or prolonging any tax liability.

At the time, it was quite exciting learning about this new world initially hidden to me.

Then my conscience began to affect me, realizing that those who know very little end up paying more in life ( aside from withholding in a paycheck ), while the wealthy and affluent 'game' the tax code.

The wealthy, using knowledgable lawyers and lobbyists, help author new tax legislation in their favor.

Very recently a 'leak' of information [Panama Papers] was released to certain international news agencies regarding the tax avoidance of very high profile, very wealthy and very powerful people the globe over.


Entitlement is a term usually used to point at beneficiaries of government programs; the poor.

Yet, it can be argued that the tax code is constructed to help those whose aim is the pursuit of building wealth while paying less, or avoiding the payment of, taxes.

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