03 April 2016

Meet Them Where They Are

Imagine making plans to meet with someone at a certain location, a particular address.

There is only one such address anywhere on earth.

And after planning to meet there, you at the meeting time, instead demand they now travel to you across town.

Yet, you're still under the impression that you haven't changed the meeting location.

This silly example is what it may be like to not meet people where they currently are.

And where are they?

Not where you are.

No two people are in the same mental, emotional, spiritual, etc., place.

To the person who is called to serve their fellow man ( which is each and every one of us ), we are to consider others better than ourselves.

This means loving them according to them, on their terms, not according to us or our terms.

Perfection has shown us the example when He went wherever invited, served however requested, and broke bread with supposed “sinners” and others who mainstream society avoided.

Never did Yeshua ask someone to meet Him at a synagogue or the temple ( today's physical building for religious ritual ).

Yeshua went the extra mile, meeting others at their level of faith, comforting their weaknesses and relating to their issues.

We don't see Him going around pointing out every shortcoming and every issue people had, unless the listener believed themselves to be without fault.

He built hope, encouraged, loved and breathed faith into His hearers.

He taught about the kingdom of heaven, a place of eternal love, joy, light and comfort.

He warned against continued self-destruction.

People who continue to be rebellious, disobedient and living life according to a manner only appealing to themselves actually destroy themselves without knowing it, nor understanding how.

This is how deceptive life without light can be.

So then, do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

Meet others where you would be met if you were to be in their current place.

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