06 May 2016

Message To The Skeptic(s)

The skeptic asks for empirical evidence for God.

Empirical evidence ( please read description ) is a recent idea historically, after this methodology ( please also read ).

Both schools of thought, two methodologies of seeking the truth, are based on observation of what is currently known and understood.

Mankind has been observing the world around him since the first man opened his eyes.

But does mere observation really spell out the truth as you'd understand the truth to be?

Is what is 'real' only observable?

Dark matter is one of these interesting unseen, yet claimed to exist, realities.

By observing other 'seen' things, scientists have determined that something 'unseen' exists... yet there is no instrument or method to 'see' or measure this unseen thing called dark matter.

The same goes with what happens to some people regarding things of faith, and what others seem to miss, never experience, or deny according to their observations and understanding of what is seen.

Although mainstream testimonies from quite reliable sources testify to what is unobservable ( please read this amazing story ) exist and are plentiful, these testimonies are disqualified according to the two above methods of truth finding.

This is quite illogical, since there is no motive other than forwarding an experience that brought about an amazingly good thing.

Today, as in days long past, news of any type would reach your ears by the words of another human being.

From your understanding of the world, you may be able to determine if what was being said was true or false.

If it was from a reliable and notable source, perhaps it wouldn't be difficult to believe what you were hearing, if what you were hearing was somewhat unbelievable.

Yet, when an individual you knew to be quite despicable, tremendously violent or depraved, has their life turned around in a remarkable and good way, there may be something unseen that has occurred in them.

Perhaps it was what they heard, an ancient message passed down throughout the ages, that spoke to their heart... and thus changed them from the inside out.

Or perhaps the individual was raised in the Way from childhood and never went astray or purposely derailed their life; their life being spared many typical pitfalls.

The evidence the skeptic has been searching for is the evidence of what is termed the church.

The church is not a building; the people are the church.

The church is not a particular brand of branch of Christianity, but the very people who love their neighbor as well as their enemy; this is only completed by the peace brought by the Holy Spirit.

The people, in whom the Holy Spirit resides, is the physical temple of God on earth.

The sought for evidence is how the early church grew, not by decree but by love.

The church grew not by force, but by sacrifice and martyrdom of many men, women and children.

The church eventually absorbed its host empire.

That empire's hierarchy capitulated, not by force or intrigue but, by a force unseen.

The biggest evidence the skeptic has before them is the church's history, not of the shortcomings of men, but of the triumphs of peaceful men over the governments and systems of violent men from then until Today.

The church has blended into the world's societies, colored their cultures and adjusted their laws and policy, to bring the freedom mentioned in the Gospel to the world.

The church as brought all peoples from the outer perimeters into relation with one another.

The church has proclaimed, in the hearing of the peoples of the earth, the message from Above.

The message that God hasn't forgotten, hasn't been absent, but has always been working in ways invisible and unobservable by most people.

This God manifested Himself in the body of Yeshua, called Christ.

God became physically present in a human body.

The very creation made according to His likeness and His image long ago, God went as far as to be present in the body and humanity we all are experiencing.

Although men attempted to destroy this body, this temple of the Holy Spirit, they failed to do so.

For that physical body was raised back to life.

Although the heart was pierced and ceased beating, and the breath of life left the body, somehow by ways unknown, that body was resurrected.

Many individuals witnessed the glorious reality of a Man, once dead, walking upright once again, manifesting physically out of nowhere and going back into the unseen.

The hierarchy of that society attempted to covered up this testimony, yet this testimony of life has circumvented the earth.

It is this testimony which has come from a seemingly obscure part of the world and has conquered the hearts of men the world over.

The evidence of God and what He has done is very clear, in nature and in society... may this evidence be also found in you!

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