03 May 2016

Objective History vs His Story Revised

Every regime and hegemony revises their history.

This seems to be done purposefully with precise censorship and a specific narrative.

It is also done with fanciful memories of glory, highlighting certain centric achievements while forgetting or justify the typical tyranny, genocide, theft and murder men commit as the means to achieving their end [goals].

Nothing new to see under the sun, no matter where the sun has shown.

Whether over the Arabian peninsula in the 6th century, or over Indian territories in the 8th century, or over the Americas starting in the 15th century... or any time before and up until today.

Practically every known group of organized men throughout times, in pursuing the building of nations for themselves, have blood on their hands.

Some started in this manner, with some eventually falling into this hypocritically justified evil.

What group of men or nation can take pride in the innocent work of their hands?

There is, however, One Man and a small group of men throughout times who can claim this feat, with this One Man alone able to boast about pure innocence in thought, word and deed.

The same idea of conquest is occurring today over Palestine, misdeeds and land grabbing being justified like times before, all according to well written revisions and edits in history.

But, thanks be to God and His wisdom, those who read past the narratives know very well how to identify objectivity ( not influenced by personal feelings or opinions in considering and representing facts ) from subjective ( based on or influenced by personal feelings, tastes, or opinions ) opinions and propaganda.

How else were the indigenous peoples of the America's conquered if not demonized and called “savages”?

Yet, every people and nation has had their times of destruction and enslavement.

The English island, where those labeled Anglo Saxons are identified, had its time of serfdom and, before that, enslavement.

Men MUST rewrite their history, otherwise their efforts would be seen not being wholly coming from Above, but including dishonorable efforts from below.

Yet, it is the realization and perspective of this man, that God's plan always trumps the plans and efforts of men, no matter how noble or well-intended those human efforts are, no matter the argument.

Paradoxically, it seems, God weaves through man's failing efforts His perfect and good will.

This is usually realized once the blood on the ground has washed away, or falls beyond the memory of the currently suffering generation.

This is not to say God condones violence or anything short of His Perfection revealed in the One Man, but typical men do have choice... and this choice in the matter of life is difficult to deny.

Only the kingdom of God has been planted and built upon Righteousness, never by the spilling of blood of the conquered, but by the sacrificing of the sheep who follow the Prince of Peace.

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