30 May 2016

Tesla Inspiration Reshaping The World

All roads have been leading to Rome for two thousands years.

The western culture of Greece and Rome and those who inspired them has continued to forwardly replace the archaic, the stagnant and the obscure.

The western culture, although it has its cold novelty and highlighted human frailty in market and culture being ubiquitous, continues to include and blend into it the world's cultures.

And the future is one of further innovation, of unlimited energy and connectivity between people of typically diverse backgrounds, now forging a unity of mythic proportions.

So how can innovation and ingenuity, aiming for income while establishing newer orders of market dynamics, be seen as a good thing?

How about free energy in the form of a supercharger allowing travel to Italy from all surrounding European countries?

Smarter methods of acquiring capital and sustaining leverage is not a new idea, but one which shows how valuable new ideas coupled with old methods can be.

Building innovation without using the old methods of expensive information gathering, and what was firstly fictional ideas having become new technologies like self driving / safe navigation, have been on airplanes and ocean ships... now being realized in the private automobile.

Imagine electric everything travel wise:

All public transit: light and heavy rail, city buses, planes, etc.;

Private automobiles and motorcycles;

Utilities for home, commerce and industry;

Energy preservation: rechargeable battery power storage;

Clean energy production: solar.

Aside from a natural catastrophe, practical unlimited energy can be a reasonable constant since the sun's energy is and has been a constant source of energy that has developed the world as we know it.

Developing technologies of energy efficient light bulbs and appliances are continually aiming for lower energy consumption.

If a graph were to be visualized, the energy production and energy consumption of products would diverge; more available energy with less energy used.

A countdown to cleaner ecosystems and cleaner human health is evident in a foreseeable future.

As education and awareness continues to grow, so will sensitivity to environmental challenges.

Hope has, and is still, on the horizon.

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