10 May 2016

The Year 1492

This year, the last of the Arab Muslim population was expelled from Hispania ( Spain ).

This same year, Christopher Columbus is commissioned by the Spanish monarchy to explore a new path to the west Indies... leading to the unexpected founding of the Americas.

In a nutshell, the empire / effort to purvey the Islamic ideology begins to retract on itself.

By the same token, the western Christian ideology continues to spread throughout the world.

For all the positive and negative contributions both ideologies have forwarded onto the history books of the world, this year is quite the turning point.

As the influence, power and reach of the Islamic ideology dwindled, the Christian ideology continued to forward its influence, culture and strength.

Would the Christian ideology had come to ruin if not for the further expansion to the Americas and the continued development in medieval Europe and elsewhere?

This question is asked to beckon thought among revelation.

The thought wasn't a possibility according to the testimonies of the covenants.

Would the Americas have grown with a Muslim ideology instead of a Christian one had the Muslims not lost their foothold in Hispania?

Since God is Sovereign, and He alone authors man's movements and eventual achievements, this question was obviously not in His will.

Looking back at history and man's efforts, it was in God's will for the Muslim ideology to rise out of the Arabian desert.

The Muslim ideology and identity served its purpose.

The manner of the purpose being second to its outcome.

Just like God can raise a man of peace as well as a man of war, we see all events and purposes being brought into submission under God's ultimate authorship of earthly events past, present and future.

The role of the human being is participation... although some men would conceive they are the authors of their fate.

Many men perceive themselves as participating on the side of God ( the outcome of His will )... and this is, on its surface, quite true.

We see Pharaoh was used by God for a certain purpose.

Pharaoh was destined for destruction in the Red Sea along with his military.

We see God's plan always at work despite the momentary pain that one man or ideology may inflict on another man or ideology.

For many men, they believe they are on the 'right' side of God's plan... yet these many cannot perceive their role as today's Pharaohs, despite their zealous efforts and innate desire to bring glory to God in some way.

God achieves glory through all men, but sadly not all men realize God's glory in themselves.

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