21 June 2016

Life Is About Growing

The butterfly was first a worm.

Without time growing, then transforming, the worm will never realize wings and an entirely different body.

The butterfly's physical transformation speaks to the human's spiritual, emotional and mental growth.

This transformation speaks to what, as I understand things, is expected in the human being: constant growth.

An infant knows nothing until it is taught, or it learns, the many things adults now easily take for granted.

The lessons to eat properly, to use the restroom successfully, and the mundane yet easily ignored – like the making of one's bed in the morning – are lessons transferred from one to another, and are not to be left behind.

Trivial arguments like using forks instead of fingers when eating isn't the issue, but we do see a graduation from squatting around a communal plate to sitting at tables, utensils in hand and a variety of plates to choose from.

Not to argue if the modern method is superior, but one can see the point regarding hygiene, comfort and accessibility finding its adoption throughout the world from prior manners.

What about the things which are realized to be of more value?... the things within which we struggle growing into and away from?

The butterfly is quite susceptible and helpless when crawling on leaves and when in the pupa stage.

The time in the pupa, simply hanging on a tiny limb from a branch, could be seen as the most vulnerable and defenseless state.

Yet, when we find ourselves in this state, or more practically having passed through such a state, is when we see the fruits of our labor.

When we have passed through the fire, through the growing pains, through the vulnerability in any manner, is when we now realize the rewards in character development, in mended relationships, in sensing peace after a storm.

Embrace the growing pains, the difficult lessons, the attacks on your prejudices, your assumptions, your ignorance (we all have a limited horizon), for it is these very pupa stages that develop in us the Way we've been called to follow.

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