23 June 2016

Loose Canons Cause Division

Lost Canon...Loose Canons



prejudice in favor of or against a thing, person, or group compared with another, usually in an unfair way


cause to feel or show inclination or prejudice for or against someone or something

Very few individuals can argue, discuss or explore any given subject matter outside of their bias.

Bias is such a natural leaning of our human condition.

When discussing the topics that people typically shy away from or cringe when hearing (politics, religion, economics, etc.), it is sometimes easy to hear or notice a biased point of view in others.

Identifying a bias in ourselves is... not as easy.

So when one discusses things which may cause emotions to flare, a blinding bias is not too far away.

This is even more evident when a firm prejudice has been ingrained into one's heart over the years.

This is where bias comes to the forefront, for those who perceive individual adherents of any given group / institution as complicit according to the actions of other group members, then their blanket judgment is something they'll have to answer to one day.

The reformation brought about division.

This division is usually justified when condemning the many historical sins of the church (men in the church, not the entire church body).

Much like in a marriage that realizes that divorce is never an option when love and forgiveness is the Way, to cause a division where God has brought unity is to miss the Way... forgetting love and forgiveness as the basis for the union.

The arrogance on both sides of the argument(s) between Protestants and Catholics, each believing their doctrine to be absolutely correct and without issue, also believing themselves to be correct while judging the other... is the lack of love that was warned about early on in the Gospel.

Both (and all derived divisions therefrom) fail to see human beings.

The arrogant fails to see their brother / sister in Christ, instead judging them according to what they believe or know, or don't believe and don't know.

The proud and puffed-up on information fails to see their own selves in the mirror, not aware of their deafening bias.

Instead, they see a label (Catholic / Protestant)... and label themselves.

But do these labels actually exist?

Haven't these and many other terms been invoked by men to further identify and define what has already been made clear?

When Christ the Lord mentioned disciples (students / followers) and children (humility, innocence) and above all things, loving all others (there is no condemnation in Christ), did He even infer terms or ideas as the terms and ideas that people are divided by today?

No man can 'see' if another man is “in Christ”, aside from formulating an idea according to their fruits (how someone acts), yet judgment is reserved for a certain Day and by a certain One, not to be attempted by those in the flesh.

Judgment of actions is one thing, while judging people is something altogether different.

Always leave room for repentance, remembering to love others despite their waywardness (love your enemy)... for if and in the measure you judge you shall also be judged.

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