30 June 2016

The Case For Cannabis Curing Cancer

Natural Creation Is A Human Resource When Used Wisely

Yesterday I heard yet another testimony of cancer being cured with cannabis oil.

A friend of mine shared how he's been using CBD oil as a daily part of his diet after much research and hearing the experiences of others.

He recalled to me a friend of his whose father was terminally ill with cancer and was given two months to live by a doctor.

The son of the cancer patient wasn't too sure about the usefulness of the cannabis oil, but thought it was worth a try since all that modern American medicine had to offer had failed and his dad was given death as a sure prognosis.

That was two years ago.

In a short amount of time the cannabis oil had done its job at ridding the body of cancer.

Hearing this affirms what has been made quite clear: God has purposed this plant for a certain use.

Cannabis, better known as marijuana, has been vilified for some time in western cultures, and for good reason.

The majority of marijuana users enjoy the drug as a recreational stimulant or suppressant (depends on who you talk to and their motivations), similar to how someone would enjoy an occasional drink or two of alcohol.

But to equate a drink or two of alcohol, on occasion, with the smoking of marijuana, which has psychoactive properties unlike alcohol, would be an unfair comparison.

I have personally used marijuana for many years, and after experiencing all that was to come with such use, at times habitually, I cannot in good faith and honesty of conscience support its popular use.

My opinion is not popular amongst marijuana smokers.

It is an issue of motivation behind the smoking of the plant and experiencing the subsequent affects.

My personal use was motivated by a desire to escape reality and feel the euphoric affects.

I don't believe God intended man to use the cannabis plant in that manner, and thus I ceased that use.

In the time since I've read many reports and heard enough personal testimonials to now advocate solely for its medicinal use, which in my opinion, is not derived from smoking it by consuming the psychoactive ingredient; THC.

I believe God has intended a proper use of the plant.

When looking at the science behind the human body having cannabinoid receptors, and the plant having cannabinoids that fit these human receptors, and the curing affects in the human body, it is very difficult to vilify the plant's use in a manner vacant of THC, or the motivation to pursue a 'high'.

It is quite clear how God made no mistake with this creation of His.

The issue is in, as with so many other things found in nature and derived from man's adjustment of nature, the manner in which man uses what God has made to be used for good.

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