09 June 2016

Tears In The Dark Bring Out The Light

Light Reflects Even Over The Deep

Once tears form, they are not absorbed back to where they are produced.

Much how rain washes away debris and cleanses what is on the surface of the ground, so do tears wash away the surface of our hearts.

The rain, it forms and then falls, so also do our tears come about... and the direction is always one way... not a two-way street.

The rain doesn't fall upward, but downward.

The cloud forms after water has evaporated from being on the earth, not in the reverse manner.

As all things, occurrences and times in life have a purpose, so do tears play a role in our lives.

Tears come about from overwhelming joy, overwhelming sadness... and from other emotions including fear and anger.

Why then do some of us fight back tears?

Why the fear, or embarrassment, or shame of being found crying?

I am sure for some, especially for men, crying can be seen as a sign of weakness.

To cry before one's peer group, the crying individual may seem to lose 'honor', the event being something never to be forgotten; something to be ridiculed when remembered.

However and wherever the urge to let tears flow may come about, and regardless of how one's cultural norms may perceive crying in a man or a woman, there is One who not only knows why you may cry, but knows your heart's disposition even though you may hold back the tears.

I suggest to not 'feel' afraid to let tears flow, whether in public or in private, for one never knows how those tears may refresh your soul... and touch the heart and soul of someone who witnesses your tears.

After all, haven't you considered the following?
Record my misery; 
list my tears on Your scroll—are they not in Your record? 
- Psalm 56: 8 

He will swallow up death forever. 
The Sovereign Lord will wipe away the tears from all faces; 
He will remove His people’s disgrace from all the earth. 
- Isaiah 25: 8

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