19 June 2016

Pride & Prejudice



preconceived opinion that is not based on reason or actual experience



having or showing a high or excessively high opinion of oneself or one's importance



an insulting way of thinking or behaving that comes from believing that you are better, smarter, or more important than other people

I grew up with many prejudices, as practically every other human being on the face of the earth has.

My prejudices were learned at home, via mainstream media, at school, church, etc.

I had a strong prejudice against Mexican people and Mexican culture for as long as I can remember.

I still struggle with this programming I received as a child, for it is still all about the culture I currently live in and in the minds and hearts of very many people.

I think it stems from mass media and, by default, through people as they forward this programming.

There is a pecking order (yet another idea becoming a reality) among ethnic groups within societies.

Since people believe in or enforce this idea, the idea is physically perceived and thus made real.

Of course, those who identify with whichever type of ideal they are most likely perceive themselves atop or near the top of this pecking order.

Perhaps you can relate according to your tribe, ethnic group, religious affiliation, last name, color tone of your skin, heritage, etc... and who or what group of people you believe yourself to be better than.

Growing up under the identity of “Cuban”, I perceived myself to be of the highest caliber brand of “Latino” there is.

What disgusting arrogance.

When traveling to other parts of the world with Spanish influence, my attitude was quite repugnant.

And as any American could admit, or people visiting American can see for themselves, in the U.S. a very strong arrogance resides with those who identify themselves as "Americans" while hating or subjecting others according to their uncommon background.

This 'reality' in a country comprised of immigrants except for a very small percentage... who were mostly killed-off (genocide).

I also grew up with a prejudice against black people.

But God is very loving and patient.

In helping me identify, face and work on these faulty and unloving programmings of prejudice, He placed me in a predominantly black church in my early 20's.

And when I realized who the woman to be my wife was, it is no surprise she is of Mexican descent.

I see that God does these things, working in a humorous way at times, and yet in quite a serious manner, in building a good foundation while also removing the faulty work of this world.

It is no surprise then when one realizes that Christ doesn't envelop a “Jewish” identity, although He was of Jewish heritage.

Nor does He forward a “Roman” identity, although He was born under Roman imperial rule.

People didn't (and do not) become Jewish or Romans in order to become Christians (like Christ), but instead become something quite unifying, mutual and communal.

People become one, as He is One.

Prejudice, pride, arrogance, fear; all what the world forwards and mostly portrays in propaganda news media and revises in history books... desires to push division, indifference.

However, God is about producing plurality and unity, bringing forth love where hatred and distaste first existed.

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