04 June 2016

Our Earth Is A Closed Circuit

The Waters Above The Waters Are Within Us All

A drop of water, however it is consumed or wherever it may travel, eventually evaporates and becomes rain or snowfall somewhere else on earth.

If we could follow a single cluster of H2O (water), I think we'd be amazed to witness its journey around the globe.

It will pass through plants and animals, oceans and streams, and human beings.

It will undoubtedly repeat many journeys, but most likely not like all previous journeys.

That single water molecule that may take turns passing through us may have passed through the likes of Sargon (d. 2215 BC), Hammurabi (d. 1750 BC), Akhenaten (d. 1336 BC) and Alexander (d. 323 BC), Gengshi (d. 25 AD), Ashama (d. 632 AD), Moctezuma (d. 1520 AD) and Abdullah (d. 2015 AD).

Much the same can be said about the single atom of oxygen that makes up that single molecule of water.

Who is to know if that single oxygen atom has always been attached to the same two hydrogen atoms?

Perhaps the three (two hydrogen and one oxygen) regularly stick together like good friends whenever possible, or perhaps they are constantly replacing themselves with others (to form water), or to form other molecules, or perhaps the hydrogen atoms only come together to form water once every thousands years, or hundred years, or … ?

One thing is for sure, both the hydrogen and oxygen atoms, whether together as water, or separately on their own, may eventually pass through each and every one of us.

Even while in the same room, you and I can breathe in and breathe out these very elements.

And since we are all spiritually, and more recently scientifically realized, part of one family, notice also how intertwined we truly are now when looking at ourselves as neighbors on this planet.

This should remind us not only to ponder the wondrous mysteries all about us, but also being careful to not pollute the very nature which we are made from.

We should also be careful not to pollute one another with the idea that we are not part of one family, and on this journey alone, as the atoms and molecules which we are derived from are not alone, but always functioning together in many different ways.

Each of us, our natural bodies, is made up of many water molecules (oxygen and hydrogen)... and we are consistently being replaced by what the elements that comprise one another, a small piece at a time...

We are truly one.

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