17 November 2016

Clean The Inside And The Outside Will Be Clean

Matthew 23: 26

The early colonialists / settlers / 'occupiers' of the eastern seaboard of what is currently called the United States observed the natives of the land working symbiotically with nature.

The natives would move camp often so not to deplete or negatively affect nature... only returning to previous locations after nature was replenished according to the natural order of life.

It seems those who are touted as the 'brightest' or 'smartest' people on earth are advocating traveling to other planets instead of ceasing the trashing of the earth and reforming man's self-destructive nature.

This is a main issue defeating the 'modern' mind's approach to life, which is: produce, use, trash, pollute, repeat.

Our physical bodies are now reflecting the earth's pollution.

I picked up a book entitled “Changes In The Land: Indians, Colonists, and the Ecology of New England” by William Cronon... I have yet to finish it, but so far it is quite insightful and sobering.

Please read the book's reviews as an introduction.

This type of material can be troubling, as was my reading of “Lies My Teacher Told Me” by James W. Loewen.

It is troubling because new (and more accurate, albeit critical) information breaks the previously held notions that have been programmed onto our sub-conscience minds by bland historical narratives.

Revision of history is a common occurrence of all governments, ancient or present.

It isn't a typical effort of any government to highlight their crimes, nor the past sins of their heroes.

And our approach to history, or current government, shouldn't be about digging up all the dirt and lies of the past, but more of an honest effort to see what really happened so we can navigate the future in a clearer manner.

I mention and share these books not to instigate, but to inform and call others to learn from an objective point of view.

But I caution and understand that those with unstable hearts (and minds) will react negatively and strongly to such insightful information.

It the reassessment of the past that can cause a revolution of sorts... but may I encourage the 'revolution' to be sparked in your heart and mind and never in a physically negative manner.

The true and lasting 'revolution' is the kind that Christ sparked when He fulfilled the “love your neighbor” and “hate your enemy”... and turned that into “love your enemy” and “pray for and bless those who curse you”.

From these platforms of righteousness can the later work of living a balanced life with nature, and of course other people, can be realized.

It is from this heavenly peace of mind that consumerism (and pollution) can be addressed and curbed.

But if our personal shortcomings (which are magnified onto the world's natural landscape) are not dealt with, then why would men think that colonizing yet another new territory (even another planet) will somehow fix what is broken inside?

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