07 November 2016

We Keep Dreaming, Awakening To Get To Work

The American Dream... an ideal to be practiced.

Called a hero by some, vilified by others.

Called a hero by some, vilified by others.

Who are the heroes we choose for ourselves?

Who are the enemies we choose to point to?

Who are those that will 'save the day' when things seem to go from bad to worse?

Is it ourselves?

Is it people we see on television or in the movies?

Are your heroes the entertainers, celebrities or people whom we think we 'know' because we've seen their work and admire them?

Is your choice hero someone who speaks eloquently what is difficult to say... or doesn't say speak about the real issues at all, but instead draws your attention to something else unrelated?

Is your hero a professional liar who is portrayed as a saint or honorable statesman / stateswoman?

What some reasonable people have concluded is: regardless of 'who' or 'what' is in charge of any political organization, the common man and woman have always had to figure things out for themselves.

This has always been the reality for people the world over since men have organized people into loose tribal ties or cities and desired to exercise dominion over them.

Occasionally, there is someone who inspires the masses to do good.

We do have have plenty of examples of 'leaders' who have inspired people to commit wickedness cloaked as 'good' or in the 'cause of God', or some other sales-pitch.

For the reasonably minded, they look past the glossy pictures, the campaign slogans, the media programming, the religious arguments and pious claims.

The reasonably minded see the popular human being as simply another human being with faults similar to ours... and in need of a Savior, just as we all are in such a need.

The grounded and aware person sees the obvious collusion in politics, the self-interested hired hands protecting one another when challenged with strong words or strong evidence.

What else is new?

Earthly kings always enjoyed the loyalty of their closest servants right up until a new king defeated them in battle, or in public popularity... then those 'loyal' servants would do whatever necessary to keep their lofty positions, that is of course if the new king / regime would keep them.

What has been witnessed in the news for the last two years has been the same condition of the human heart we all battle with; our fears, arrogance, pride, ignorance and duplicity when it comes to seeing past our front nose.

I'm not attempting to make excuses for anyone, let alone excusing people who desire to manage the people and resources of a particular country that influences the entire world.

No typical human being is qualified for such a high office, or the task of meeting the needs of all of mankind outside of Divine guidance.

This is why the faithful are not worried about whomever is [s]elected for the office of Presidente de Los Estados Unidos ;)

I know, and have explained in various blog articles, that God is and has always been in control regardless if there seems to be a tyrant occupying the highest office on earth, if if is simply a puppet or some other malignant tumor.

There are more reasons why the spiritually vacant reside in such lofty places.

What are the lessons for us, the common people?

I have written such assurances not in excusing people and their shortcomings, but to point as history has shown, God's plan for mankind always prevails... no matter who 'looks' like the boss in popular circles, public office or private relationships.

God is King in heaven and on earth.

There is no [s]election among men that could remove this reality, although people may deny Him or mock His place and the manner He conducts His order on earth.

The faithless scoff at this, the religious suspiciously ask “whose God?”, while the faithful understand fully 'who' God is and the immeasurable love He has for mankind... not needing men to force God's will onto others, nor secularism, but to simply serve mankind without compromise nor worry.

God's order on earth is far removed from the understanding for many, and perhaps this is for good reason... so people may humbly go about their business while the proud and vacant battle over the machinations that they have built for themselves.

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