30 November 2016

Nearsighted Identifiers From The Past

I personally, physically and spiritually belong to a 'tribe' that transcends an adequate definition.

In order to properly define an ideology that clarifies an identity, I've had to first empty myself of the several man-made ideas attached to faulty and limited ideologies.

If I were to attach myself to the default notions, I may argue I am an American.

How so?

Simply because I was born on a landmass currently called “the United States of America”?

But my parents were born in Cuba and emigrated here.

Can I then call myself a “Cuban”?

Before that island was 'named' “Cuba”, what was it? or what were the people there called?

Since some native-to-the-island blood runs within me, do I identify with those extinct people?

They were most likely part of the TaĆ­no people who settled there prior to the Spanish arriving.

Does a name, or title, truly define who a person is?

What of my Spanish ancestry?

Can I claim to be a far disconnected Spaniard?

Is there Spanish royalty in my past I don't yet know about?

What then of the likelihood of Arabic blood that made its way into Spanish territories?

Can I then claim descendancy from some Semitic tribe that sojourned in the peninsula for centuries?

What before that?

If all this can be proven, all the way back to whomever, into the B.C. era or further back to Mesopotamia or whatever, what would it mean?

What would any of this information mean now in this time, day and age?

Since science shows we all hail from the same matrilineal line, what does that mean?

It means we are all related; brothers, sisters and distant cousins only separated by time, distance and the thoughts programmed onto our minds and hearts.

Why do people attach an identity to themselves from what people popularly call a piece of land?

Are we derived from the dirt of any given place?

What if I was born at home, or in a tomato patch my mom came to rest while in the throws of labor because she was unable to make it inside the house... or born at a local hospital?

Would I be called some kind of tomato or whatever type of fertilizer used for the tomatoes?

What are the things we draw an identity from, and why?

I was actually born in a hospital called “Queen of Angels”.

Should I then be called “he who was born from the Queen of Angels” or something similar?

This argument can surely be made, looking at maternal origins in regards to spiritual realities.

But really now.

What does such information gain for me personally?

Something that I can take pride in, something to stick my nose up in the air about.

Does such information grant me a privilege if I'm a horrible person to others?

Would I be justified being a horrible person before others simply because I can prove some heritage that means something to me and / or others?

There was a time when such claims did 'mean' something, for they were pointing to who was king or was to be King over all.

And that time has come and passed... but not all yet understand or believe.

May we hold to what is more important; our unified identities as children of God, made and continually molded in His image.

The Son is the image of the invisible God.

May the walls built in our minds (and hearts) come down, granting us light that brings us into unity with God... for He is One, so may we be one.

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