19 November 2016

The Earth Is One As We Are One

The Most Interesting Realities In The World

I have an inclination that the U.S. federal government allows immigration, whether 'illegal' or otherwise, in order to sustain profitability for businesses both large and small.

But not every immigrant, undocumented or with visa in hand, is 'equal' regarding their mind's landscape.

Consider the jobs currently occupied by those willing to work for near peanuts.

Would such jobs be later occupied by stateside citizens if all low-wage immigrants were to depart (be departed / deported)?

Wouldn't the newly hired citizens seek unions, stand on their rights reserved, and demand a wage compatible with the inflation rate?

How would such realities affect many businesses who currently depend on low labor wages?

Why have so many jobs / companies taken their operations internationally?

These answers are self-evident if we take a break from the mass media programming lies onto our subconscious.

If only we can look past the framed narratives the media programs, and actually 'see' what has always been in place... and why.

Is the American Dream only a nationalistic ideal?

Hasn't the American Dream been a major export onto the minds of all other countries outside the U.S.?

Have you noticed the cultures of the world converging onto the western model?

American cinema, media and foreign policy has exported the ideals the typical Amerikan citizen easily dismisses in exchange for their current pet consumer item.

But sadly, the news media, and the plethora of fake news websites, have done a masterful job of further confusing an easily instigated population of the sheeply-minded.

Such confusion causes division, instead of agreement on our mutually already agreed upon likenesses.

Many are the hired hands, the bad managers, the selfish persons taking advantage of the system of propaganda.

Being led to blame those outside your tribe is an archaic method to sow indifference and blame-shifting.

But Whose tribe do we truly belong to?

Ask any reasonably minded person the world over what their heart's desires are.

You'll see they are very much aligned with your desires... only the manner in explaining the desires may vary.

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