14 November 2016

Exit Bliss; A Band That Never Was

Matthew 6: 28-34

Last night I had an enjoyable conversation with a new friend over drinks and appetizers.

We spoke about identity, homogenous societies, geopolitics and how our perceived realities are shaped according to a myriad of variables, thus being interpreted according to our different and unique experiences.

The relative experience; how 'truth' can be understood differently.

After parting ways with my friend, I came across a man asking me for money for some food.

I considered the request and obliged.

After taking a closer look at this man, I recognized him as a drummer of a band I was a part of for a short time almost 20 years ago.

I took off my glasses and asked him to picture my face without the beard.

He recognized me, and we hugged.

My old bandmate was missing a few teeth, and it seems that drug abuse had taken its toll on him over the years.

I was also abusing drugs at that time while pursuing a music career.

He said he was now residing in a sober living home.

We asked each other how we've been, and after him hearing me tell him about how I too had lost my home, my business and all of my possessions save for a few things some years ago, I had called out to the Father in heaven for relief and mercy... and He answered in an amazing way!

I quickly shared, prompted by the memories of him and his current situation, how I was blaming God and others for my choices... and it was my personal choices that brought me to near destruction, even foolishly blaming God for all the troubles I had caused myself to experience.

I am not sure if he was uncomfortable hearing this, for it wasn't my intention to cause him harm.

I was trying to relate our mutual paths from the past, and how at a moment of despair, I had to submit to God's will by acknowledging that I was the wrong party committing the wrongs, and that God is perfect and righteous in all His works and judgments.

He quickly began to say goodbye and walk away, but he happened to be going in my direction.

I did my best to encourage him as we walked along together... but it seems the conviction of heart had set in.

I think also he had enough money in his pocket now to make his way home.

After parting ways and saying goodbye, I couldn't help but feel pain in my heart and despair for finding this old friend of mine in the manner I did.

I know that God brings people through times of trouble according to His good will, and also according to our choices... one being influenced by the other in ways that are difficult to understand and logically resolve in our minds.

May God finish His good work in this old friend of mine so one day this friend too may praise His Holy Name!

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