09 July 2016

Go To The Ant...

Geometry is part of the Divine Design; lessons in nature.

These amazing creations reproduce that which they consume.

Every part of creation is useful and is to be utilized, benevolently managed.

Humans have their role: ethics and integrity (through love).

Children living in cities can have learning opportunities in playgrounds and recreational parks, built for leisure and also for fun.

For children living in more rural areas and countrysides, the natural landscapes can provide this leisure, learning and fun.

Growing up, my family had plenty of animals / pets, and over the years each new pet brought with them a time of learning, observation and reflection.

As an adult, the natural world seems to be 'calling me'.

I mean this not in a weird mystical sense, but in learning about the world, myself and mankind.

I've noticed that a serious respect for nature – and man's place and responsible role in nature – is a perspective I've either ignored or have only lately realized.

There is still so much to explore on the earth; to learn from, to observe, to manage properly, to allow to flourish and to protect.

I love snorkeling.

It is another world under the water's surface, and snorkeling / scuba diving allows one to explore and be amazed.

I think with gratitude, the human can appreciate the animals that help sustain us, so long as we treat creation responsibly and respectfully, further learning how important every single piece of life is essential.

The western / modern cultures can learn from how some native and ancient tribes respected nature and the animals, knowing full well man's existence is a part of nature, not separate in any way.

Humans appreciating our role atop the food chain also included.

When snorkeling, I have had opportunity to swim in a real-life tropical fish tank – the initial understanding of this water-world for those growing up in the city or from television – and I am always amazed finding so much vibrant life and with vibrant colors.

I love watching animal documentaries, for when doing so I 'see' how the lessons in the bible continue to build upon my observation of the beautiful and artfully designed creation we have all around us.

The basic lesson of looking at "...ants...” sparks the journey of silent contemplation while reflecting this tiny creature's role, attributes and manners with our own.

We can apply this methodology to every single part of creation when learning about them and ourselves.

The lessons from Above, some written and others unwritten, are always speaking to our hearts and are all around us in what is not made by man's hands.

We can appreciate and learn from what man has made with his hands; painted colors imitating colorful birds, machines to fly like a bird, designs copying the geometric shapes of plants... hasn't man historically taken all his lessons from the natural world?

Seeing the reality of our symbiotic relation to creation, we can recognize with sober judgment the good works of man's hands from the bad works.

May we all look to exploring the deeper realities awaiting our discovery with what we've had all along... and further the good... perhaps in due time!

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