28 July 2016

The Greatest Compromise In History

Must another human being agree with you in every way imaginable in order for you two to get along?

For some people, this is a yes; it is always their way or the highway.

We see this very often in religious circles despite the inspired sources of the religion speaking of working out differences.

The aim between two people, groups or mindsets, is to compromise the unimportant in making room for peace and unity.

Is compromising such a bad word?

Happy and healthy couples have learned to compromise for the sake of the relationship, and after such efforts are made, what was previously held as a high priority doesn't seem like much of an issue.

In compromising, both sides agree to concede.

Some religious groups demand their adherents to believe a certain set of criteria.

Sadly there is seldom a compromise regarding religious dogma, and this is understandably so.

When Christ walked the earth in the flesh, it was believed by His enemies / detractors that He and His message compromised the law of God.

The religious hierarchy of that time had their idea of what it meant to be 'righteous'; portraying an exterior semblance of righteousness, goodness and holiness.

Hypocrisy in their exterior judgments was revealed, along with deception found deep within their hearts, and there was no room for love nor acknowledging Who was before them.

The religious had hatred for people they should have been helping, and despised God's call to be merciful, pushing instead sacrifice and obedience to rule after rule after rule.

Christ was calling the religious and self-righteous to compromise their arrogance for the truth of grace.

Christ compromised His position from Above and participated in the flesh... compromising further His high place when lowering Himself to humiliation, suffering, and death on a tree.

The pure and righteous becoming a curse for the sake of the world.

Who else has shown a better example of compromise?

What was lost by God when He made such a compromise for our sake?

What was gained by humanity when God committed such a loving compromise?

God has already made the greatest concession in man's favor.

Now in this state of grace, the compromise for the human being is to drop their pride in their specific religious stance, their divisive ideology and group affiliation based on human agreements but empty of God's love and mercy... and to acknowledge the reality that there is nothing they can 'do' to trade their sin for God's righteousness.

This is why grace is very much misunderstood even amongst the most religious and pompous circles.

Grace isn't a license to sin or not make the ultimate effort in being obedient to God.

Grace is a humble and broken acknowledgement of the grand compromise God has achieved through the body of Yeshua His Christ.

The secular mind can agree with the suggestion that Christ was the perfect man; perfect in thought, word and deed.

Some people believe another man to have been a perfect human being, yet they acknowledge this man to have been buried... while Christ is believed to have risen to heaven.

I think it is clear who the perfect man was according to God.


Nurman Syarif said...

Very good story telling man

Edmundo Santiago said...

Peace be with you brother Nurman.