06 July 2016

Language Of The Invisible

I have learned a great deal of insight into "how" God has moved when looking at scientific discoveries, no matter 'who' the science comes through, haven't you?

Have you noticed how God continues to work every single day?

I think far too many people, religious, atheist, righteous and otherwise, may take for granted how amazingly intricate the workings of the world (God's hand) truly is!

The wind's breeze, the ocean's currents and the seasons are sometimes an afterthought, as if these are obvious or typical.

I guess because these are so out of our control, the human being a passive observer, that these things are too easily accepted as expected constants.

Do you not realize the grand design behind the entirety of nature?!

This is why nature is such a beautiful and amazing thing, for it speaks of God's genius and miraculous works!

People, even more so, are quite beautiful and amazing, since they've been made in His likeness and image.

Every human being plays a role, has a purpose (or several), no matter how vile, good, loving or hateful they currently are.

Same goes for every 'thing' that has existed, currently exists, and will exist in the future.

I don't particularly like mosquitos, among several other pests, but these too play an intricate and helpful role in the world.

So many insects and animals feed on mosquitos, while the mosquito also has its job, no matter how unpopular a pesky mosquito may be to the human being.

It is all about seeing the bigger picture, and not seeing the world through only our fleshly eyes... but through God's eyes.

This is where looking past any individual's personality, and their opinions, can assist in learning insights that may come through them, which would otherwise be ignored due to judging the personality.

The scientific community's contributions to society are vital, for they are actually putting into terms and languages of men (math) the evidence of God's hand, and the manner His hand moves in all things.

I appreciate the scientific effort in furthering mathematical equations in attempting to decipher the universe, in terms of a language that allows mankind a method of communicating ideas, theories and their own understanding of realities waiting to be discovered.

If only man would recognize their responsible position among the rest of creation, and when making choices to eliminate life (either the mosquito or an unborn child), this is actually not the responsibility nor place of humans, but of God and His hand.

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