21 July 2016

Patterns By Design

The "Random" Wind Formed Square Edges on Concrete - Amazing!

Talking about patterns in nature the other day with a friend reminded me once again of how amazing the world is.

There are so many things waiting to be discovered, explored, further understood and realized.

I get quite nerdy with this kind of stuff, my curiosity being fed in a wonderful way.

Actually, I think I'm a nerd for almost anything...

Since our bodies are also made from the basic building blocks found in nature, we too fall into patterns.

However, the human being is quite unique despite sharing the substance of matter.

We have choice.

We can choose to follow disruptive, constructive, wayward or honorable patterns.

Our character patterns have been influenced by our parents, relatives, community, perceptions and belief systems.

People, as many animals, can be herded, divided, manipulated … also loved, encouraged, spurred on to positive growth.

For the spiritually minded and enlightened according to the Light from Above, the individual can see the patterns of this world as their flesh is tempted to falter and spurn the Way.

Nothing happens by coincidence or chance, although these words exist to describe events the unlearned consider random... but notice the patterns!

Even science builds computer models to predict patterns, human behavior and possible (or inevitable) outcomes.... the computer program following what has been observed.

Yet the human being has choice... that is, if that choice is properly made.

It is a beautiful world despite the fallen state of the human condition.

What does not, and did not fall into the typical and expected pattern, was the resurrection of Jesus Christ!

This is why the notion of life after death, although proclaimed for eons prior to Christ, and made sure in Christ and all those found in Christ, this evidence isn't easily understood by observing patterns.

A pattern that has been established is a people willing to endure suffering and possible death for the belief that Christ resurrected.


Because they too have been granted insight of the peace which is gifted by faith.

Where faith exists, so do miracles and what is considered impossible and improbable by nature's patterns.

The natural patterns evident throughout all of creation logically concludes there is a Grand Designer, Architect and Sustainer.

Enjoy the images of the nature's patterns at this link!

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