14 July 2016

Pulling Your Finger

Facebook has a feature called “memories” which allows you to see and share your past posts.

I am sometimes surprised by what I was years ago; at times embarrassed.

Every so often when looking at the past memories, I find I had shared things that were based on opinion rather than fact, or more conspiratorial that conspicuously rational.

Sadly as often as I scroll down to see what my other friends are sharing and talking about, I see far too many fictional 'news' stories, poorly conceived memes and vitriol.

Most of these posts are full of polemic religious attacks, binary political fallacies and links to websites sharing the same negative effort.

You can always tell if a website is worth its story by the advertisements it contains.

If there is more flesh in the ads than words, you may simply be assisting someone gain click-through ad revenue.

Or if you do not find any author or personal name attached to website, the editing, etc..

A look at the “about us” page, or disclaimer, should tell you what exactly you are sharing on social media.

Although everyone makes mistakes at any given time, I have learned to search the source of the 'story' to see if there is any truth, or if the methodology is weak or simply biased and forwarding nonsense.

Simply because a story isn't shared by a major news association (who also have their share of phoniness and propaganda), doesn't make it false nor true at first glance.

But if all other websites / sources sharing the same story are full of ads and still no author can be found, chances are someone has been duped.

Too many stories are pushing racism, prejudices, fear-mongering, low-sensuality and a closed-minded effort.

Our hearts can be revealed according to the things we share without clarifying comments.

I've also learned not to attempt to correct what others post too often.

Sadly some people's minds are so programmed and their hearts so enamored with what they hold to be true (thoughts based on hate, fear, ignorance, etc.) that it is easier to ignore a post than to get into a discussion that may end up blocking someone... usually me.

Room should be left for time, growth, reflection and learning (as I realize when looking at my past posts).

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