27 July 2016

Sick & Tired Of Getting Sick & Tired

I was reminded once again how easy it is for me to take my health for granted.

What initially started as a minor discomfort in my throat eventually grew to a fever, several sleepless nights and major pain while swallowing.

I don't know what was worse; the maddening thoughts that spin out of control while trying to fall asleep, or the constant discharge of phlegm and snot through the nose and mouth.

A fever makes a mind run wild, not allowing the body to rest.

The mucus builds up no matter how much effort is made trying to spit it out or prevent it from accumulating in the throat.

Hearing is diminished, taste is lessened and eyesight becomes sensitive to light.

I am reminded once again that I exist in a tent that isn't eternal, but will diminish and eventually break down in due time.

Being able to walk outside after a few days without aches and pain, breathe in without congestion, keep my eyes open without straining to see, was a welcomed state.

I recall my grandmother always reminding me to be grateful for my health at a time when I felt invincible and old-age or sickness seemed like an impossibility.

I don't recall my colds being so bad growing up.

Maybe I simply don't remember the discomforts so much because the discomforts of getting sick are infrequent.

I cannot imagen what life would be like if getting sick was a frequent occurrence... as it sadly is for some people.

Or if one or several of these discomforts was a constant reality while in the tent of the body.

What I am realizing is that aches and pains will most likely continue to occur as I grow older, whether these are accompanied by a sickness or not.

This isn't something I am looking forward to, but something I must accept as part of the growing process while still in the flesh.

What I can take comfort in is that one Day sickness, discomfort, frailty and pain shall surely cease, for this man, and for all those called heavenward.

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