12 May 2015

Changing Lanes, Lines & Lineage

“TAMALEEEEEES” sings the lady walking down the street with a box full of homemade chicken, meat, pork and corn tamales. I laugh to myself when I see a woman just getting out of her car staring in amazement and perhaps confusion/discomfort at the singing tamale-selling lady. I am not sure how the 'old world' countryside still or used to go about selling their goods, but I do know in Latino Amerika, one goes around announcing (sounds like singing) what they have to offer. “ARREGLO ZAPATOOOOOOS.”

I was watching the movie Dances With Wolves again the other night. What a spectacular effort to convey a message. I cried again at the end. When I have objectively researched that time's history, the natives endured 'change' not according to their terms or liking. Two mindsets collided. Both peoples faced the same change; one seeking a new life, the other holding on to their current life. And much like these two depictions had different manners in responding to change, also those bringing the change were not all the same. Not all colonials were stealing, killing and justifying their taking of native lands. Aside from the dubious ideology of 'manifest destiny,' some colonialists did in fact see what was happening and did their best despite the popular notion of hating people they knew little about.

Still Today, the world (and the United States) is continually changing in demographic and ideology. Nothing in life is constant other than God and His purpose. Some people have difficulty adjusting to change, seeing change as negative, frightening or intrusive. But is change bad? It is interesting and at times humorous how within change a pattern (consistency) can be realized.

I suggest not becoming attached to manufactured ideologies which typically divide otherwise peace-seeking people. Besides, Spanish is a beautiful language.

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