24 May 2015

Words Shape Humanity

Words are very powerful. For some, words are the most powerful weapon on earth. For others, words can never hurt anyone. Some of you have heard “sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me.” Children have been told that to help them ignore taunts, bullying and teasing in school. Is that little riddle true? The first part of it is, but that last part is one of the first conditioned lies upon the child's mind. You know very well how you have been hurt by words. Why did an adult repeat such a lie to us, knowing very well they have been hurt by the words of others?

If you say to a child “you are good for nothing,” don't be surprised if that child grows up to be just as you've cursed them to be. If you say to a child “you are good for something,” don't be surprised to when that child becomes exceedingly good at something. If you say to a child “you are good at many things,” don't be surprised to see that child develop into a multifaceted human being with talents and gifts being discovered at every turn.

Words are what we hear in the mind when thinking. Words are what we use to speak with others. Words tell a story. Words are written and followed, forming laws. Words are tools that can build a nation of people, while at the same time also destroy a nation of people.

We are defined by words. Any given word, on its own, isn't false. It is the combination of words that are used which will make the message false, or true.

By speaking words, God did this:

And God said, “Let there be light,” and there was light.
- Genesis 1: 3

Speak your words wisely.

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