28 May 2015

Nature Speaks

Spring is a learning experience waiting to be realized. As I walk the neighborhoods throughout mid-southern Long Beach, California, I see and hear many things.

For weeks now, several trees and bushes have been flowering. Bees are traveling about. I see some trees drop their flowers ahead of others. It is like the trees take turns.

I see many squirrels. Some are quite brave and allow me to approach them. I see them running after one another, making quite a ruckus. They establish comfort zones between them. They scamper after nuts and fruits from the trees.

I see male pigeons doing their show to court the female pigeons. The males are sometimes relentless. Other times, after a few turns and display, they take off for a more receptive partner.

Last week I saw a hawk, circling high above and floating on warm air thermals rising from the paved black roads. This particular hawk was harassed by several other birds. They looked like crows. These birds took their turn attacking the hawk. The hawk would extend its talons in response to the attacks, just in case one of them would get close enough to become a meal.

I wonder, since it is in the nature of the hawk to eat the young of the crows, does this make the hawk 'bad'? Are the crows 'justified' in attacking the hawk and casting it out of their nesting area? I am using my human perception in projecting my thoughts.

Don't we see all around us the purpose of creation?

Don't we see each living thing having a purpose and fulfilling their automation?

How does the hawk know to eat meat and not fruits or berries like the crow?

Why don't the squirrels get along outside of mating season?

Why are female pigeons aloof?

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