08 July 2017

Be One With Me & He Who Was, Is, Will Be

Colossians 1: 15

America is a fiction on paper and idea as Rome was an idea and fiction written down by men.

One will pass into history as did the other, with new ideals and fictions replacing them.

However, the kingdom of God is eternal and transcends the kingdoms of men.

The kingdom of God vanquishes the kingdoms of men, over and over, again and again.

When you think the world, or a government, or those who look different from you, or your very own people (ethnic / religious / nationality) are against you, and despise you...

Remember this:

No one was more despised than Christ.

I make continued efforts to not draw an identity from a previous heritage or external things, but from He who was murdered while never wronging another soul.

He did, after all, create us all.

The issue I see when people point the finger to a particular country, or ethnic group, when complaining about injustice, is they are confused.

Confused because they are following the divisiveness of politics.

This is what politics does.

Politics is a tool manufactured to divide and oppress.

But such is not the case in the kingdom revealed from Above.

What men have done in manufacturing religion and calling it the Way, is similar to political themes dominating virtuous manners and labeling it justice.

What I point out in this blog is not easily accepted, or acceptable on the surface of things, because one has to repeatedly abandon their current limited identities and suck up their mental anguish...while NOT hating on others, but understanding what we are all going through.

This is why Christ was revealed; so we may all reflect Him, relate to Him, understand Him in how He dealt with others...while never wronging others Himself, but being wronged for simply being Right.

To suspect that only the individuals you currently identify with have been more wronged than others living today is judging by appearance.

The exterior identities are the political themes, religious ideology, ethnic kindred, and other things that according to eyesight draws you close to others.

But such is not the spiritual family revealed from Above.

Following and believing the politics of a religious group, nation-state, your neighborhood, is to be caught up in the affect of politics; a victim blaming others but not reflecting on Christ.

Look beyond yourself and the surface layer of this world.

Look past at what is behind the front of the ideas that divide and confuse people.

What are we?

Are we not related by ancient ties beyond our current labels?

If we are created by God, then how can we be divided any longer?

If we are children of God, are we not called to forgive and pray for our enemies, regardless of who they are, what they look like, what they've previously done or what they represent?

Is anyone justified, in this world, by complaining about this world's manners and those who are of this world?

Are you to imitate a mere man, or the Son of God who is revealed as Immanuel (God with us)?

I am telling you: one's state of mind (and heart) will depict their life, in this life, and their eternal reality, the life (or death) yet to come.

If you see yourself as not my brother / sister, because of identities made up by men (the many labels throughout history), or because of a different skin tone, or different heritage, then you have been confused by the manipulations of this world...

Yet God desires to have your heart and for you to be one with all others and with Him.

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