05 July 2017

Play Ground Children

Proverbs 22: 6
This world is like school children out on a playground.

Some children are cruel and the teacher doesn't always see their cruelty.

Telling on the cruel children doesn't always resolve their cruelty, but incite it further.

The teacher isn't always complete in their efforts to mitigate injustice.

After school, supervision ends and the cruel have their way; at least when on school grounds there is some notion of law and order, but not always.

The cruel are sometimes those lacking talent and gifts, while the most dangerous of the cruel are those with many talents and accolades; they are not satisfied with their high positions, they must go further.

Every so often, the peaceful child overcomes the cruel children.

Every so often, the principal gets involved and expels the cruel children.

On occasion, when the peaceful child defends themselves, it is them who are expelled.

Injustice exists although rules have been written to correct injustice.

Once the children have grown away from the school grounds, their childish manners don't always leave them.

For those fortunate enough to mature, to learn from their childhood, these continue the work of molding a just society...yet the cruel children still persist and rebel against the good work.

At the end, those cruel children who failed to turn away from their cruelty lose.

They lose because they were cruel their entire lives...without reason, without excuse, and they receive in during their life the recompense for their cruel ways: lack of peace and dislike.

The peaceful children, however, enjoy a peaceful temperament that shows a resolve from knowing they didn't become like the cruel, but humbly accepted and enjoyed the life allotted to them...even learning to forgive the cruel.

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