17 December 2015

Celestial And Material Treasures

Last night prior to falling asleep, my mind began to consider how our daily lives repeat.

Why do we expect change when we continually repeat the same scenario day after day?

I pushed for a 'change' over ten years ago, from working for others to working for myself.

Now that I'm independent and self-employed, I still have a routine.

What happened?

Do I have to be living on a tropical beach somewhere to think that I've achieved something?

How about when that tropical beach, those banana daiquiris and THAT routine becomes as predictable as the previous place and activities elsewhere?

What then?

Will I then desire to live up in the mountains for sloping and scenic vistas?

Won't that view also become a repeated scene which one may grow tired of?

I don't think it wrong to change one's surroundings, but expecting external changes to somehow permeate and affect an internal change may be missing how that process really works.

Isn't it growth and maturity we are after?

Are not these terms the idea of human evolution is attempting to speak to?

External situations can work a maturing process in you, yes.

Yet, if you are not on the path to growth and maturity, a challenging external situation may break you.

Consider those who have lost family or work; their psyche has somehow been adversely affected.

Yet, for some others, the same external challenges produced amazing and triumphal testimonies that books are written about.

Is the aim and purpose for our human soul to achieve material and external situations that would bring meaning and value to our lives?

Isn't it a good heart, a sound mind and a loving reflection onto the people of the world the real 'gold' in life, the true treasure here on earth?

The kingdom within.

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