01 December 2015

Looking Closely

Enjoy this video's journey into the small and be amazed at the Designer's method.

The further man searches the world around him through scientific means, more discoveries arise, more questions develop and the search continues.

The sciences, being fashioned around man's centrist understanding of the world and himself, continues to forge inroads without end.

The universe without is still far away and unknown, just as the universe within is exceedingly more distant than initially assumed.

I chuckle when what was first believed to be scientific bedrock, becomes a pile of sand for those considered geniuses or the most learned.

Yet, when discovery and knowledge is approached in another way, we can all learn something that isn't so stifling and remote.

“Knowledge seems” to be one thing quite separate from “understanding”.

Simply because you know the terms and how to speak them does not equal actually understanding what is being expressed.

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