13 December 2015

Deprogramming False Realities; A Miraculous Testimony

This morning I'm walking and thinking about how mainstream beliefs are most people's default position.

The notion that for many, when a doctor or medical expert says there is no cure or other healing method other than surgery, the patient 'believes' this opinion and no other 'way' is considered.

People seem to be led by the nose by popular notions, and since this is the 'reality' for many, it is understandable.

But this is not 'reality' for everyone!

There is a reality that is unreal for most, and yet more real than what people think reality is.

As I'm considering these things, I run into a friend of mine I see every so often.

We begin chatting, and I tell him what I was thinking about prior to his arrival.

He recalls what happened to him the 19th of October of this year.

While helping a friend clean their house, he lays down on the couch to rest his eyes, feeling unusually exhausted.

Next thing he recalls is waking up in an emergency room.

He is told about and shown a blood clot in his brain that the scan discovered.

The doctor informs him surgery is needed, yet they are cautious, for my friend is 66 years old.

His pastor and other church friends stop by and also hear the bad news.

While the doctor describes the needed surgery to avoid a worse situation, or death, my friend begins praying silently in his heart.

He reminds the Lord about the many miracles testified to in Scripture, how He can do anything He desires, and asks the Lord to please perform a miracle for him in this dire situation.

The prayer was quick, unheard and quite simple.

The next day, another scan is performed in preparation for the surgery.

The doctor is confused as to why the blood clot now isn't appearing.

My friend mentions the doctor and nurses present there that He has a God with whom nothing is impossible.

Praise His Name!

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