18 December 2015

Sitting On A Park Bench You Own

Most people go to work maybe five days a week, or every single day with rarely a day off.

Even the very wealthy, whom you would assume do little other than check their bank balance, are working tirelessly every single day.

When I was pursuing riches in the real estate industry and security markets, even when the day was over, my mind continued working.

It was as if I could not stop thinking about the next contract or transaction.

This is why some folks would rather, after clocking out after a work day, forget about work until the next morning when they arrive and clock in.

We would assume the boss of any business also clocks out and checks out mentally, but if they were to be asked if this is so, I think their answer would be quite surprising.

The airports, freeways, expressways and airwaves are full of the managerial and the ownership class, going to their next meeting or the next deal.

And this is living to many people, even some who are regular employees desire to be 'living' this kind of lifestyle.

But are such things truly living?

Question: what usually happens with some small groups of people whose only 'job' is to be present?

Scandal, gossip, tragedy, thievery and sometimes murder are some outcomes of being in such lofty positions.

With financial freedom comes civic responsibility.

With much worldly ambition comes worldly liabilities.

We happen to live in a world where a beautiful face is honored regardless of that person's heart and mind.

We live in a world where your financial status somehow equates to your value as a human being, despite the condition of the heart and mind.

I've met some honorable rich and poor people, and I've met some nasty rich and poor people.

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