14 December 2015

Produce New Programming

If you desire righteousness, look first at what storms arise in your heart.

Before laying the blame on others, or society, or your nation's leadership, you may simply be projecting your personal battles onto the world stage.

If you desire seeing goodness in the world around you, be sure to be one of those actually doing good.

Simply complaining about the lack of goodness, if goodness in fact is lacking (which it is not), is not being part of the solution, but only a criticizing accuser.

If you want the world to change for the better (of course, according to your definition of what better is), perhaps you have not been noticing the state of world as it actually is.

Each and every year, new roads are opened to places previously unavailable or restricted.

More and more people are joining the virtual community of communication across the globe.

This cooperation and mass consciousness provides for the sharing of knowledge and wisdom, sometimes for a fee, but mostly for free.

The goodness in the world is overwhelmingly amazing, but if you cannot see it, perhaps you are accustomed to listening to the negative, the doubt-filled, the naysayers and the chicken littles of the earth.

Perhaps you have been listening too closely to the “bad” news on the radio and television, having yet to realize the pushing of calamity is how the news business makes their money.

Advertisers pay for the number of viewers/listeners.

News is a business, a propaganda programmer.

This is why car chases on live television news attracts more viewers than the regularly scheduled programming, or the already narrated news.

Perhaps you've been listening too closely to your priest, pastor, imam, guru, radio personality, television teleprompter reader, or political pundit preaching doom instead of actually experiencing life yourself.


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